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Thread: Transparent OLED TV's and Monitors

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    Default Transparent OLED TV's and Monitors

    I didn't realize that the technology had gotten this far, and right now, it's mainly proof of concept, but the implications for consumers are pretty amazing. Traditionally, your big-ass flat-screen TV had a liquid crystal display that needed to be illuminated by a bunch of white LED lights either behind, or around the edge of the screen. And it was blocky and got in the way of other stuff in the room.

    But then OLED came out. OLED screens basically combine the color and the illumination into the same tiny pixel. That means much lighter monitors and ones that typically use less energy. And more flexible options for where you place it.

    But where it gets even better is that they can also be manufactured to look like a pane of glass. In other words, they sit kind of unobtrusively in a store or your home, not blocking your sight of other stuff. Until they are turned on and their programming is played. From what I've seen, they can be fully opaque and look just like a standard tv screen, but also have the option of being completely see thru. In the future, you will be able to do something like paste roll a series of OLED screens, like a quickie wallpaper, on the windows of your house. And when you are just chilling out doing other stuff, they are see thru. But when you want to watch some movie or TV show, you turn them on, and your window turns into a giant TV screen. You could have multiple screens over multiple window panes, matrixed together to give you one composite image if you wanted. Below is a video of something simpler:

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    i hate tv's. so ugly and bulky. this would be great.
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    Wow, they must have figured out how to get rid of a lot of the cables, hookups and junk behind traditional screens. But then we're still using a 14 year-old 50 inch plasma that's slowly dying with an added on Firestick to make it smarter.
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    wow l want one, it’s pretty cool.

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