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Foo Fighters

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Foo Fighters are an American rock band formed by musician Dave Grohl in 1995. The group is named after the World War II term "foo fighter", used to refer to mysterious aerial phenomena.

In January 2000, the band played a benefit concert for the organization, which Mendel helped to organize. The band also contributed songs to The Other Side of AIDS, a controversial documentary film by Maggiore's husband Robin Scovill, which questions whether HIV is the cause of AIDS. The band's position caused alarm in the medical community, as Alive & Well's advice ran contrary to established medical wisdom about HIV and AIDS. In a 2000 interview, Mendel spoke of using the Foo Fighters' popularity to help spread the group's message and of holding more benefits for the organization. No further benefits have taken place and the band no longer continues to list Alive & Well as one of its causes on its website.

During promotion of In Your Honor, Grohl had the chance to feed his fascination with UFOs when the Foo Fighters performed a show in a hangar at the Roswell Industrial Air Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell Industrial Air Center is the site of the former Roswell Army Air Field where the fragments of the supposed alien crash landing in 1947 were stored. (Grohl named his label Roswell Records for the incident.) Grohl commented after the show that he wished he had had a chance to examine what was being stored inside the hangar.

In further support of In Your Honor, the band decided to organize a short acoustic tour for the summer of 2006. The tour included former guitarist Pat Smear, who rejoined the band as an extra guitarist, Petra Haden on violin, Drew Hester on percussion who plays drums for Joe Walsh and Jewel, and Rami Jaffee of The Wallflowers on keyboards/piano. Much of the setlist focused on In Your Honor's acoustic CD. The band also used the opportunity to play lesser-known songs such as "Ain't It The Life", "Floaty", and "See You". The band also performed "Marigold", a Pocketwatch-era song that was best-known as a Nirvana B-side.

In November 2006, the band released their first ever live CD, Skin and Bones, featuring fifteen performances captured over a three night stand in Los Angeles. An accompanying DVD was released on November 28, 2006, and featured tracks not available on the CD.

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace contains tracks which are very much a departure from the established guitar-heavy Foo Fighters sound featuring instrumental only track "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners" as well as the guitar-less closer "Home". The album also features backing vocals by drummer Taylor Hawkins, the first time backing vocals have been provided by anyone other than Grohl on a Foo Fighters record (apart from "Cold Day In The Sun," an acoustic track on In Your Honour) as well as piano parts played by both Grohl and Hawkins in addition to touring keyboard player, The Wallflowers' Rami Jaffee.


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