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Fefe Dobson

Real name: Felicia Lynn Dobson
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Felicia Lynn Dobson was born on February 28, 1985, in the Toronto, Ontario district of Scarborough. Fefe Dobson is biracial. Her mother is of Irish, Dutch and English ancestry, while her father is of Jamaican Heritage Dobson has three siblings, two younger brothers, and an older sister. Often at school Dobson and her older sister Tanya were picked on because of her skin color. Although her real name is Felicia, she has always been called Fefe. Her father left the family when she was young, and she only saw him periodically. She eventually stopped seeing and talking to him when she turned 13. Her anger is expressed in her song "Unforgiven". Dobson went to a performing arts community center when she was young. In the fifth grade, she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at her school. "After that, I felt a spiritual connection with Judy Garland," she said. She has also said that her biggest musical inspiration growing up was Michael Jackson, "I swore I was Michael Jackson. Then I found out I wasn't Michael Jackson and it broke my heart."

When she was 11, her mother had given her a karaoke machine for her birthday. After she learned how to use the machine, she made a demo tape of 24 songs by such artists as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Selena, and Madonna. She began sending the demo tape to record labels, but with little success. By this time Dobson had also begun writing her own songs.

As 2005 rolled around, Dobson recorded a song, titled "Truth Anthem", on the Much Dance 2005 CD, where the profits would benefit the Canadian branch of the charitable organization War Child. In April 2005, Dobson was nominated for two Juno Awards, one for album of the year and the other, Fan Choice Award; both categories were won by Avril Lavigne that year. In the summer of 2005, Dobson was in a public service ad called "Make Poverty History" which brings awareness to child poverty worldwide. Dobson is devoted to this campaign, due in part to her having grown up in a poor family.

In February 2006 Dobson sang "O Canada" at All-Star Saturday Night, part of the 2006 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, TX. In spring 2006 Dobson performed several shows around the United States, and began promoting her new album. The first single Don't Let it Go To Your Head stalled on the charts most likely due to the fact that the video wasn't released until 3 months after the single and it was only available online. The second single This is My Life was edited by her label to make it sound more pop but it had virtually no promotion which led to its flop.

After being dropped by Island Records, Fefe decided to go back to her roots and create a new album on her own terms. Dobson says her new efforts, still at the demo recording stage at this point, are coming along nicely and should see the light of day sooner than later. She has been writing new songs with Jon Levine, whose brother, Jay Levine, worked with her on Fefe Dobson. She describes the songs as cool and different. She will finish up writing in Los Angeles, and finish up the production in Toronto. She is looking at a fall release for the new album. Two songs have surfaced from Fefe, she recently sang I'm a Lady during a live performance, and a new song called Catch Me has leaked as well. The song "Set Me Free" was performed live in Toronto. The song "Watch Me Move" is rumored to be the first single off her upcoming album.


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