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Erin Ellington

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Status: Single


Following a two-year sojourn into the joys of motherhood, Erin Ellington has returned to the spotlight. One of the world’s most beautiful fitness models, Erin resumed her career during Summer 2007 – much to the relief of her many fans around the globe.

“I’m one of those lucky ones,” Erin reflected during a break from a grueling day of shooting. “Most girls can only dream of the career I’ve been able to pursue,” said the stunning model who has graced magazine covers and countless magazine layouts, as well as print advertising.

Like many success stories, Erin Ellington’s multi-faceted life cannot be captured fully in the unidimensional photographs that reveal only her rare beauty. “It was hard work,” Erin commented. “I grew up in the small farm town of Adel, Iowa, one of seven children of German, French, Dutch and Cherokee Indian descent. My father passed away when I was young. What I’ve achieved has been the result of a positive attitude in the face of adversity.”

The elusive combination of brains, tenacity and rare beauty helped Erin achieve her goals. In high school, Erin captured academic honors while also serving as captain of the cheerleading squad and competing on the girls’ golf team, as well as being elected Homecoming Queen. Erin went on to earn combined degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Cornell College, a private school in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Following graduation, Erin worked in numerous professions – as a flight attendant, as a youth crisis counselor, and even as a funeral home’s family service counselor – until realizing her lifelong goal of modeling was within reach.

“I was always humble, and certainly never realized I could be on magazine covers,” Erin said. However, a nationally known fitness and fashion photographer recognized her beauty and unique talents and suggested a test shoot in Los Angeles. The rest of the story is well-earned and only fitting. Erin Ellington went on to become one of the world’s leading swimsuit and fitness models. In the process, Erin also became an internet favorite with thousands of fans around the world.

Erin’s beauty has adorned many magazines, including: Pin-Up Illustrated, MISTER Magazine, Body Talk, American Curves, VOWS Magazine, Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, Muscle Mag International, Slitz of Sweden, Pump, Muscle Media, Adversus, and RM Fitness Guide. In a first-of-its-kind, Muscular Development magazine featured Erin on a remarkable two covers within three months – plus spotlighted her in a 30-page centerfold layout and interview. Further, award-winning fantasy pin-up artist, Monte Moore, has made Erin a subject of his highly regarded artwork and paintings.

Additional highlights in Erin's career include working as a promotional model for the FOX Radio Network in Denver; participating in the Radio Achievement Awards with Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback, John Elway; and serving as a fitness centerfold while working with the Michael Scott Company.

Erin has returned to the intense scrutiny of the camera lens with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. “A lot of preparation goes into being a model – most of it in the months prior to a photo shoot,” Erin noted. “I’ve had so many requests to return that I feel compelled to continue modeling. Despite all the hard work, I’m so happy to be back”!


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