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Enrique Iglesias

Real name: Enrique Iglesias Preysler
Birthdate: May 8, 1975
Status: N/A
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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (born on May 8, 1975, in Madrid, Spain) and is of Asian and European ancestry.

Iglesias is the son of famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Filipina journalist Isabel Preysler. He was born in Madrid and his parents were divorced when he was three. After the widely publicized kidnapping of his grandfather Julio Iglesias, Sr. in Spain by Basque ETA (he would be found two weeks later, unharmed), Iglesias moved to Miami, Florida, United States, in 1983, at the age of 8, to live with his father. However, his father was rarely at home and Iglesias was raised by his nanny, Elvira Olvarez. He used to visit his mother every summer.

Choosing to downplay his lineage the first batch of radio spots identified the young singer only as "Enrique".

Three singles released from Vivir, "Enamorado por Primera Vez", "Solo en Tí" and "Miente" topped the Latin singles chart as well as those in several Spanish-speaking countries. Along with his father and Luis Miguel, Iglesias was nominated for an American Music Award in the first-ever awarded category of Favorite Latin Artist. It was said beforehand that the elder Iglesias would walk out if he did not win the award. Iglesias lost out to his father this time, but did perform the song "Lluvia Cae" at the event.

The second leg of the tour, "Don't Turn Off the Lights", was completed in the summer of 2002, with two sold-out nights in Madison Square Garden and another two in Mexico's National Auditorium. The tour finished with a single show in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Returning to his native language, and hot on the heels of his biggest-selling album, in 2002, Iglesias chose to release a fourth Spanish-language album titled Quizás (Perhaps). A more polished musical production than his previous Spanish albums and containing more introspective songs, the album's title track is a song about the strained relationship Iglesias has with his famous father.

Iglesias released his new album Insomniac on June 12, 2007. The first single was "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)". It reached number 2 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart (the Bubbling Under chart is generally seen as an extension of the Billboard Hot 100) before making its 'Hot Shot' debut on the official singles chart at number 33 (eventually peaking at number 21 - his biggest hit on the Hot 100 for quite some time), and the song also made a 48-position leap jump from number 49 to number 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks. Some of the record's highlights include "Push", a hip-hop-flavored collaboration with rapper Lil' Wayne, as well as "Ring My Bells", a moody track that Enrique wrote in Los Angeles together with two of his favorite songwriting partners, Swedish composer Kristian Lundin as well as Savan Kotecha. The album also contains a cover of Ringside's "Tired of Being Sorry".

Iglesias also developed an interest in acting, starring alongside Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Johnny Depp in the Robert Rodriguez film Once Upon a Time in Mexico, in which he played the foul-mouthed gun-wielding Lorenzo. In 2007, he had a cameo role in the TV comedy Two and a Half Men, starring Charlie Sheen. He says that he would act again if given small roles that he could fit in between his musical commitments.


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