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Real name: Cassandra Peterson
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Married
Partner: Mark Pierson

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Elvira is a place name and a female given name. It is of Spanish origin, originally believed to be of Arabic origin, meaning "the white". Other theories is that it is of Germanic or West Gothic origin and that the name means "alert" or "trustworthy".

- Elvira, Buenos Aires, a settlement and a district of Lobos Partido, Argentina
- Elvira, an ancient city in Spain, now called Granada
- Synod of Elvira, an ecclesiastical synod held in the early 4th century AD.

- Elvira Alfonso, wife of Roger II, King of Sicily 1130-1154.
- Elvira Arellano, Mexican illegal immigrant to the USA and cause célèbre
- Elvira of Castile, daughter of Alfonso VI of Castile
- Elvira de Hidalgo, Spanish singing teacher, mentor of Maria Callas
- Elvira Kurt, Canadian comedian
- Elvira Madigan, Danish ropedancer and trick rider
- Elvira Mendes, Queen of León (1008-1022)
- Elvira Nikolaisen, Norwegian singer-songwriter
- Elvira Notari, Italian filmmaker
- Elvira Ozolina, Latvian javelin champion
- Elvira Ivana Puspitasari, Indonesian singer

Fictional characters:
- Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a campy character portrayed by Cassandra Peterson
- Elvira Coot, grandmother of Donald Duck
- Elvira, the title character of Noël Coward's Blithe Spirit
- Elvira, heroine of the opera I puritani
- Elvira Hancock, the cocaine addicted wife of drug dealer Frank Lopez and later Tony Montana in the movie Scarface


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