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Elizabeth Taylor

Real name: Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Birthdate: February 27, 1932
Status: Single
Partner: N/A

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Conrad Hilton Jr. (1950-1951)Michael Wilding (1952-1957)Michael Todd (1957-1958)Eddie Fisher (1959-1964)Richard Burton (1964-1974) (1975-1976)John Warner (1976-1982)Larry Fortensky (1991-1996)Children

Her eyes are sometimes said to be violet color, and at least one source refers to this suggested anomaly as her "trademark" violet eyes. It is further suggested, though photos do not support the claim, that her eyes are framed by a "double row" of eyelashes. Known for her acting skills and beauty, as well as her Hollywood lifestyle including many marriages, she is considered one of the great actresses of Hollywood’s golden years, as well as a larger-than-life celebrity.

She has also appeared a number of times on television, including the 1973 made-for-TV movie with then husband Richard Burton, titled Divorce His - Divorce Hers. In 1985, she played movie gossip columnist Louella Parsons in Malice in Wonderland opposite Jane Alexander, who played Hedda Hopper, and also appeared in the mini-series North and South. In 2001, she played an agent in These Old Broads. She has also appeared on a number of other TV shows, including the soap operas General Hospital and All My Children and the animated The Simpsons; once as herself, and the other as the voice of Maggie.

Her mother also exerted influence on Taylor's life well into adulthood. After her marriage to Warner ended, with her weight ballooning she intervened at first with cruel prods and then by arranging a tea party. At this tea party her mother asked each of the elderly guests when they last felt they could've been described as gorgeous.

Taylor has a passion for jewelry. Over the years she has owned a number of well known pieces, two of the most talked about being the 33.19 carat (6.638 g) Krupp Diamond and the 69.42 carat (13.884 g) pear-shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond, which were among many gifts from husband Richard Burton. Taylor also owns the 50 carat La Peregrina Pearl, purchased by Burton as a Valentine's day present in 1969. The pearl was formerly owned by Mary I of England, and Burton sought a portrait of Queen Mary wearing the pearl. Upon the purchase of the painting, the Burtons discovered that the British National Portrait Gallery did not have an original painting of Mary, so they donated the painting to the Gallery . Her enduring collection of jewelry has been eternalized with her book My Love Affair with Jewelry (2002).

Taylor is a supporter of Kabbalah and member of the Kabbalah Centre. She encouraged friend Michael Jackson to wear a red string as protection from the evil-eye during his 2005 trial for molestation, where he was eventually cleared of all charges. Back in 1997, Jackson presented Taylor with exclusively written to her epic 'Elizabeth, I Love You' song, performed on the day of her 65th anniversary celebration.

- BAFTA Award, Best British Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (UK)
- Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
- Golden Laurel Award, Female Dramatic Performance: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
- National Board of Review, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (USA)

The February 2007 issue of Interview magazine devoted itself entirely to Elizabeth Taylor--a celebration of her life, career and her upcoming seventy-fifth birthday.


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