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Eli Roth

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He established himself as a brand name director after his first film Cabin Fever, with name-above-the-title billing on all of his films since. Roth has done so without the support of mainstream press, and mainly uses the internet to promote his films and connect with his fans. Roth is considered the pioneer member of a group of filmmakers recently dubbed the Splat Pack (a play on the term Rat Pack, referring to a group of 1950's/1960's entertainers), because of their close ties to one another and their dedication to the horror genre.

Roth's second feature film, Hostel, was made on a budget of a little more than $4 million, in 2005. It opened to #1 at the box office in January of 2006, taking in $20 million dollars opening weekend, and knocking out The Chronicles of Narnia from the #1 spot. It went on to gross $80 million worldwide in box office, and over $180 million worldwide on DVD. In April of 2006, on Eli Roth's birthday, Hostel opened on DVD at #1, again outselling The Chronicles of Narnia, which had opened at the #1 sales slot only one week prior. The movie takes place in Slovakia, where three college students visit a hostel, where they think that all of their sexual fantasies will come true. Instead, they find an international syndicate with the express purpose of torturing and killing backpackers for the sadistic pleasures of rich businessmen. The film pushed the boundaries of realistic violence and was voted the #1 scariest movie moment on the Bravo TV special 100 Scariest Movie Moments: Even Scarier Moments. Empire Magazine readers voted the "Hostel" Best Horror Film of 2006.

Roth reportedly turned down numerous studio directing jobs to make Hostel. Roth took a directing salary of only $10,000 on Hostel in order to keep the budget as low as possible, so there would be no limitations on the violence. Roth shot the film as an NC-17 movie, but the film passed through the ratings board with an R.

In 2007, Roth directed the fake trailer segment Thanksgiving for Grindhouse, in addition to acting in Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino's segment of the film. In recent interviews, Roth has vehemently expressed interest in expanding Thanksgiving into a feature-length motion picture, along with Edgar Wright - who would expand his trailer Don't - for a Grindhouse sequel.

Roth is working on other film projects, including an adaptation of the Stephen King novel Cell (the film article can be found here). He also talked about doing a film called Trailer Trash; a film made of fake trailers; according to an appearance on G4.

Roth has been a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Your World Today with Neil Cavuto," "The Howard Stern Show," "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," and served as a guest judge on the filmmaking reality series "On The Lot." He has been profiled and interviewed in the New York Times, G.Q., Elle Magazine, Maxim, Le Monde, La Republica, Time Out: London, Time Magazine, Empire Magazine, Premiere, and Italian Vogue. Dolce & Gabana and Nike give him clothes for all his public appearances. Roth has also appeared three times as an answer in the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.


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