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The band's name changed several times in their early years. They began as The Towheads, before changing their name to Moss Eisley, named after Mos Eisley, a spaceport town in the Star Wars films, but when the band signed to Warner Bros. Records, there were worries of legal troubles with the name. After considering "Neverland" and "Sinclair", they eventually decided just to drop the "Moss" portion of their name, and became simply "Eisley".

After burgeoning on the Dallas scene in 2001, playing hundreds of shows throughout Texas and garnering a fan base as an indie band, Eisley was signed to Warner Bros. Records (Reprise) in 2003. The band won 'Best New Artist' from the Dallas Observer Music Awards in the same year. Soon after that they opened for Coldplay throughout their US tour of Rush of Blood to the Head and at the V Festival in England. Eisley has also toured with Brand New, Snow Patrol, New Found Glory, Hot Hot Heat, Switchfoot and label-mates Taking Back Sunday in Australia and the UK. The band has also toured three times as a headlining act, completing their "Final Noise" tour in late Spring 2006. Eisley also played a handful of shows at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas in March 2007.

Eisley turned in their second album to Warner Brothers on April 7, 2007. On April 23, 2007, the Dallas Morning News announced that the album will be called Combinations. They are on an acoustic tour. The song "Invasion" is the first single to be released from Combinations and there will be two videos shot. One will be a viral-type and the other will be more for television.

The band had some early radio success with the song "Telescope Eyes" from the Laughing City E.P.. It was ranked top 25th most played song on The Edge in Dallas, Texas in 2003. Eisley has recorded videos for "Marvelous Things", "I Wasn't Prepared", "Telescope Eyes" (the version from Room Noises), and "Memories", which can be viewed on the official website but largely, the band's strong, steady, organic growth comes from touring and an aggressive online marketing approach.

The band is currently wrapping up an acoustic tour. They will then be touring with Mute Math this fall and winter and are expected to headline their own tour in the spring of 2008.

It has also been announced that there will be an Eisley/Macbeth Athletics collaborative show featuring Sherri's artwork in 2008.

They made their national television debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien August 30, 2007, performing "Invasion."

Eisley's early independent recordings have been confusing for new fans. The track listings are:
- EP1 – "Pretender", "Dream For Me", "Blackened Crown"
- EP2 version 1 – "Telescope Eyes", "Over the Mountains We Go", "Head Against the Sky"
- EP2 version 2 – Version 1 plus "Dream for Me and "Blackened Crown"
- EP2 version 3 – Version 2 plus "Mister Pine" and "Laughing City"

Eisley simply added the best of each EP and carried them forward. None of these recordings were released officially but sold at hundreds of shows between 1999 and 2003. EP2 version 3 contains all of the songs from the previous versions, including EP1, except for "Pretender." All songs on the independent recordings are owned by Eisley and they have generously allowed their fans to offer them for download from various places on the web.


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