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Eden's Crush

Real name:
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single


Eden's Crush was a girl group based in Los Angeles created on the American television series Popstars which aired on The WB Television Network in early 2001.

The group is best known for their debut single, "Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)," which topped the Canadian Singles Chart and reached the U.S. Hot 100 top ten. Their single "Love This Way" was also a mild hit. Their album Popstars was certified gold and peaked at no. 6 on the Billboard 200, but failed to match the sales of Popstars acts from other countries. The group featured a multicultural membership of Dominican, Puerto Rican, Russian, Filipino, Hawaiian, Irish, German, and Colombian descent.

The band's record label, London Sire along with Diddy Record Labels, folded in 2002. A planned move to Atlantic Records failed, and with the group floundering, the members decided to disband and pursue individual interests. A planned Spanish language version of their debut album was never released and is currently destroyed.

Get Over Yourself (March 2001)
- Get Over Yourself (Gerrard/Keller/Vice)
- Get Over Yourself (Instrumental)
- Ana Maria's Message
- Ivette's Message
- Maile's Message
- Nicole's Message
- Rosanna's Message
- Solo Piensas En Ti (Get Over Yourself - Spanish Lyrics by: Connie Blue Puche)

The album made a very brief appearance in the Top 50:
- Week 1: 104,000 (104,000)
- Week 2: 42,000 (146,000)
- Week 3: 31,000 (177,000)

The members of Eden's Crush have remained close to the entertainment industry, despite their very brief success together.
- Ivette Sosa has appeared in numerous music videos and MTV programs as a background dancer. She also had an acting role in the movie Chasing Papi.
- Maile Misajon is married. She recently performed on the Soul Train Awards with Michael Bolton and Richard Marx. She helped design the Red Buddha Lounge. She is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, where she now performs as a country/pop artist.
- Ana Maria Lombo is working on a Spanish language album.
- Nicole Scherzinger is the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, and is currently working on a solo album which will be released in October, 2007 titled Her Name Is Nicole. Scherzinger co-starred with Sosa in Chasing Papi as the character Miss Puerto Rico.
- Rosanna Tavarez works as an entertainment reporter and presenter on television. She worked on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, a Spanish language show titled Fuzion, and currently with the TV Guide Network.


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