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Donna Air

Real name: Donna Air
Birthdate: August 2, 1979
Status: Dating
Partner: Damian Aspinall

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Donna Air (born August 2, 1979 in Newcastle upon Tyne) is an English television presenter, singer and actress.

She attended the Drama school First Act in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. She went along with Jill Halfpenny, Ant & Dec and Dale Meeks. She is a former student of Gosforth High School.

She came to fame as an actress on the CBBC series Byker Grove and later became a presenter of several shows, including for a time, the Big Breakfast. She has also acted in an episode of BBC TV comedy Operation Good Guys. She has a reputation of being a vacuous blonde, not helped by her memorably asking Irish family group The Corrs how they met. She poked fun at this image by founding Airhead Productions. Air appeared in the movie The Mummy Returns and has presented on MTV. Air is currently filming a British independent movie called Bad Day.

She was engaged to Damien Aspinal, millionaire owner of Aspers (Entertainment eg Casinos etc), until July 2007. The couple had one daughter together, Freya.

Byker Groove - In a similar way to that in which PJ & Duncan aka Ant and Dec were spun off from BBC 1's teen soap Byker Grove, Byker Groove were a female vocal group from the series.

Crush - Crush UK were a development of the Byker Groove band but with only Donna Air and Jayni Hoy as members. They were signed to Telstar Records. Hoy later quit the duo after the first album, Teenage Kicks, was shelved in the UK by their record company, although it was released overseas. Luciana Caporaso was drafted as Hoy's replacement. Crush's second album, Crush was essentially a dance remixed version of the first album, retaining vocals from Hoy on 8 of the 12 tracks.

According to Karl Pilkington in one of the Ricky Gervais Shows on XFM 104.9FM, Donna Air would let a gorilla take care of her baby for a week. Karl read this vital piece of news from the popular newsite www.ananova.com - A quote from the article:

Within the next few weeks, and with Donna's full approval, he will give the baby to the gorillas. "It's a ritual," he says. "I'll probably give her to the dominant female who will then take her off, sex her, and introduce her to the others. I did this with my other daughters, now it's Freya's turn." That's very trusting of him, I say. He looks startled. "But why would I not trust them?" he says. "I know them. I grew up with them. They are my friends."


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