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Debra McMichael

Real name: Debra Gale Marshall
Birthdate: March 2, 1966
Status: Married
Partner: Steve Austin

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Debra Gale Marshall (born March 2, 1960 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama) is an American Actress and former professional wrestling manager and WWE Diva. She is best known by her ring name, Debra. She is perhaps best known for her appearances with World Wrestling Entertainment between 1998 and 2002. Before becoming involved in wrestling, Debra was a beauty pageant participant, winning the runner-up for Miss Texas USA in 1984.

Later in the same year, Jeff Jarrett came over to WCW from the WWF, and expressed his desire to join the Horsemen. He immediately gained a fan in Ric Flair and Debra, much to the chagrin of the other Horsemen (including Mongo). She eventually helped Jarrett defeat Mongo to gain membership by forcing Mongo to team with him. Just as the duo had began to co-exist peacefully, Debra and Jarrett turned on Mongo. Next, Debra recruited Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Bill Goldberg, and Alex Wright into a shortlived stable, which disbanded when Debra left WCW (and divorced Mongo).

On December 13, 1998, Jeff Jarrett faced Goldust in the Striptease Match. The crowd was strongly behind Goldust because they wanted to see Debra strip. However, Debra hit Goldust over the head with Jarrett's trademark guitar, enabling Jarrett to win. This meant that Goldust had to strip. However, WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels ruled that, since Debra had hit Goldust with a guitar, Jarrett was disqualified, meaning that Goldust was the winner, and Debra had to strip. Debra was hesitant at first, but soon warmed up to the crowd, and stripped down to her bra and thong. However, before Debra could unhook her bra, The Blue Blazer (a disguised Owen Hart) entered the ring and covered her up, just as Shawn Michaels took off her bra.

The next night on RAW, Jarrett and Tom Prichard challenged Chyna and Debra to a mixed tag match. Chyna accepted but added the stipulation that if she won, she would get a re-match for the Intercontinental Championship. Just as Chyna was about to lose, Debra got into the ring and pulled Jarrett's hair, and then Miss Kitty entered the ring to confront Debra. Debra also took her down by her hair. Chyna later pinned Jarrett, so Chyna and Debra won the match. Chyna was rewarded a re-match at No Mercy. In the following weeks, Chyna and Debra continued to feud with Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty.

Debra appeared sporadically thereafter, participating in an 8 women Sudden Death Match for the Women's Championship at Survivor Series. When Terri got into the ring to break up the pin, Debra got in and stripped Terri. At the end of 1999 Debra got an offer from Playboy to appear nude in the magazine yet she turned down the offer.

Debra retained an on-screen role with Stone Cold even after the Alliance angle ended and Stone Cold had turned face again. However, her appearances became more and more infrequent, as she was not involved in any actual angles or storylines, and she just made random appearances backstage.

In late June 2002, Austin walked out of WWE. Debra followed, and she has not been seen in the wrestling business since. On January 15, 2006, Debra was reportedly backstage at TNA Final Resolution 2006.

Debra is in the 2007 film Resident Evil: Extinction playing a minor role of a "Lab Technician" which is currently in the cinemas.


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