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Debi Mazar

Real name: Debi Mazar
Birthdate: August 15, 1964
Status: Married
Partner: Gabriele Corcos

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Deborah Mazar (born August 15, 1964), better known as Debi Mazar, is an American actress, best known for her trademark Jersey Girl-type appearances, and as edgy, sharp-tongued women in independent films.

Mazar was born in Queens, New York. Her father, Harry Mazar, was born in the Latvian SSR, Soviet Union, to a Jewish family, while her mother was a Catholic who converted to Judaism and later became a Buddhist and for a period of time was a Jehovah's Witness; Mazar is not of Italian descent, despite several reports that have identified her as Italian on her mother's side.

She played the villain Regina, a modern-day Cruella de Vil in the popular family film Beethoven's 2nd (1993). She has appeared in independent films like Inside Monkey Zetterland and Nowhere but has also dabbled in mainstream attempts like Batman Forever, and her short-lived sitcom, Temporarily Yours. (The sitcom was about a woman who, in an attempt to get a good apartment in New York City, lies about being employed with a temp agency and then shows up at the agency begging for work.) She also appeared as the genie in the Space Monkey's video, "Sugarcane".

Mazar appeared on a Friends episode in its eighth season ("The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part One"). Mazar played "Doreen, the Evil Bitch," a crazed pregnant woman who shares a hospital room with Rachel. She frequently refers to her husband as "sick bastard," "stupid bastard," and "sick son of a bitch" when she catches him creepily looking at Rachel. From 2000 – 2002 she played "Jackie" on the television drama That's Life.

Currently, she is in a supporting actress role on Entourage, an original comedy series on HBO. She also had a recurring role on the sitcom Living with Fran, playing Fran Drescher's character's cousin, Merrill. She also did a stint on the television series Ugly Betty, where she plays Leah Stillman, a scam artist who claims to be a lawyer in a couple of episodes.

She married Gabriele Corcos on March 16, 2002, and they have two daughters: Evelyn Maria, born on July 12, 2002, and Giulia Isabel, born on March 17, 2006.


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