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Daniella Cicarelli

Real name: Daniela Cicarelli Lemos
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Daniela Cicarelli Lemos (born November 6, 1978, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is a TV show hostess for MTV Brasil and also a fashion model.

Daniela Cicarelli has been a model since age 12 and won the Elite national competition at 14. She attracted attention in Brazil in early 2001 due to a Pepsi TV commercial and became very well known. In 2002 she was already as popular in Brazil as Gisele Bundchen and had several commercial deals. In 2003 she began hosting a summer show for MTV Brasil, working in other shows on that channel since then. That year, Cicarelli started dating football player Ronaldo. This made her widely known in Spain leading her to command fees ten times higher for appearing at fashion events. In 2003, she signed with MTV to present shows on the channel, including one about makeovers. In 2003, Fica Comigo, a dating show which was MTV Brasil most popular show (and made Fernanda Lima, the host, famous), was canceled because Fernanda didn't want to renew her contract with the channel. So in 2004 MTV started producing another dating show, Beija Sapo (Kissing Frogs) and Daniela was chosen to host. The show soon became the channel's most popular show and even with Daniela's ups-and-downs, it's still the highest-rated show on the channel.

After getting engaged in 2004, Cicarelli and Ronaldo planned on marrying at the Château de Chantilly on February 14, 2005. At the party Cicarelli expelled Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt from the place. The episode was reported in the French and Brazilian media. Months later Cicarelli suffered a miscarriage. On May 12, 2005 the couple announced they had separated. The couple's breakup after 86 days of "marriage" was featured on the covers of many tabloids and magazines.

MTV's response was quick (after receiving more than eighty thousand e-mails protesting), with a note on its website as well as regular institutional inserts on its programming, claiming that while supporting the users' manifest, it refused to acknowledge the validity of the effort, claiming it as unreasonable as the original censorship. Also, it claimed the censorship from the decision wasn't from Cicarelli, but from her boyfriend instead, going even further, stating that MTV nor Cicarelli ever prosecuted any website for any reason.

Later research from Conjur, a legal website denied these claims, which Cicarelli also failed to acknowledge on separate interviews on Jornal da Globo (TV) and Folha de São Paulo] (Newspaper). MTV stopped its institutional message on TV, and shortly after removed their original note from the website.

A parody of the video was made by the Pânico na TV, a controversial Brazilian nationwide broadcasted program by Rede TV!. Also the health secretary of the state of Rio Grande do Sul has made a parody with the goal of educate about the dengue fever, a virus which can by hosted by the Aedes aegypti, a mosquito specie found at the state, but yet not infected in that state. The agency's claims that they want to take advantage of the viral marketing.

In June 2007, a Brazilian judge dismissed Cicarelli's claims, indicating that as the sex took place in public, Cicarelli had no expectation of privacy and so acted in bad faith in trying to get the video removed as an invasion of her privacy. The model was ordered to pay court costs and legal costs and R$10,000 to each defendant.


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