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Damon Albarn

Real name: Damon Albarn
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Damon Albarn, (IPA: ) (born March 23, 1968 in Leytonstone, London), is an English singer-songwriter who gained fame as the lead singer of rock band Blur. Though Blur has not disbanded, of late Albarn has been more active as the main man behind the music of Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad and the Queen project.

Albarn's early life was spent living in Leytonstone with his parents Hazel and Keith and his sister Jessica. He has described a very liberal and hippy-like upbringing. Whilst living in Leytonstone, Albarn attended George Tomlinson primary school. When he turned ten, his family moved to Aldham, Essex, England due to the needs of his father's teaching career. Albarn then attended Stanway Comprehensive School. He met future Blur guitarist Graham Coxon at school and found they both liked similar bands, such as The Jam, The Kinks, and The Human League. He played 2nd violin at colne valley youth orchestra

In 1988, Albarn enrolled at Goldsmiths College in New Cross, London, England; he took a part-time course which he claims he did "just to get on campus". There, he met up with Coxon once more. After recording a number of demo tapes together, the two formed "Circus," at which point Coxon introduced Albarn to Alex James. With the addition of Dave Rowntree, the band began playing as "Seymour". Before long the band was signed to Food Records and changed its name to Blur.

The rivalry culminated in the so-called "Battle of Britpop" which saw Blur move the release date of their single "Country House" to coincide with the release of Oasis "Roll With It". This sparked a media frenzy, with Albarn being interviewed on the BBC news.

Gallagher maintains that the rivalry was conceived by the magazine NME and members of Blur's entourage as a ploy to raise their respective profiles on the back of Oasis' success and that since this point he has had no respect for either party. However, Albarn has suggested the roots of the feud were much more personal. Albarn is now reluctant to talk about the feud, feeling the whole affair - his own actions included - were embarrassing.

In May 2006, NME reported that Albarn was working with Danger Mouse on his first solo album, tentatively titled The Good, the Bad and the Queen. However, in July 2006, NME reported that those plans had been switched to the formation of a new band titled The Good, the Bad and the Queen. This proved to be inaccurate, as Albarn and other members of the group have indicated that The Good, the Bad and the Queen is the name of the album and not the band itself (which will remain unnamed).

The opera was Albarn and Hewlett's second collaboration with the Manchester International Festival. In November 2005, they staged the first-ever live performances of Demon Days Live involving many of the artists who had played on the successful Demon Days album, as a launch event for the festival.

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- Ravenous (movie soundtrack) 1999 Written and performed by Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman.
- Ordinary Decent Criminal (movie soundtrack) 2000 Written and performed by Damon Albarn and others.
- 101 Reykjavík (movie soundtrack) - 4 March 2002
- Mali Music - 15 April 2002
- Democrazy (10" vinyl release) - 8 December 2003


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