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Sugar Jones

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Status: Single

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Sugar Jones was a Canadian pop group created on the first season of the Canadian version of Popstars, that aired on Global Television. It consisted of five members chosen from thousands of people who auditioned for the group. "Sugar Street" was originally considered as a name for the band, but it was eventually changed to Sugar Jones. In 2002 they released a self-titled album that featured the singles "Days like That" and "How Much Longer", the album also includes Canadian R&B artist Toya Alexis and rap artist Solitair.

Sugar Jones quickly disbanded after Maiko Watson left the group to be with her now ex-husband, singer Remy Shand.

Dell'Aquila, born November 26, 1981 in Montreal, QC, Canada is of Italian heritage. She studied music at Vanier College in Quebec before joining Sugar Jones. The raven-haired beauty also wanted to break into movies and had a starring role in Angel Tears, a film by Montreal director Minor Mustain that was scheduled to be shown at a Jazz Festival. Rumors circulated that Dell'Aquila was engaged to Scottish singer-songwriter Darius Danesh. Dell'Aquila never confirmed nor declined the engagement but Danesh quashed the rumors by stating they didn't have a relationship to begin with and they'd only briefly met once before.

Mirella now works at the private high school West Island College as one of the school's receptionists. She has no intentions of renewing her career as a singer like her former band mates Julie, Andrea, Sahara and Maiko. Mirella was happily married in Montreal, QC to her love interest Anthony De Luca in late 2006. Although her dreams of becoming an international singer are over, she often performs at local shows in her hometown.

She continues to create music in a mature and distinct mixture of Blues and Soul. Currently producing a soon to be released album.

Maiko is writing and producing her debut solo album. The music is a soulful blend of funk, blues and jazz.


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