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Skye Sweetnam

Real name: Skye Alexandra Sweetnam
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Born to Deirdre and Greg Sweetnam, she was named after the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Along with her sister, Aurora, and her brother, Cameron, Sweetnam was born and raised in the small town of Bolton, Ontario, where she studied dancing and singing from a young age. By her early teens she had moved on to songwriting, and recorded a demo with the help of a local Bolton music school. Sweetnam was also a full-time student at Mayfield Arts School in Caledon, Ontario, majoring in drama. She worked with local producer and instrumentalist, James Robertson. Together, Robertson and Sweetnam worked on what would later become Noise from the Basement, her Capitol Records debut. The single "Billy S." appeared in July 2003 on the soundtrack to the Mandy Moore movie How to Deal, and quickly took off in the United States and Canada. In 2004, Sweetnam went on tour with dodger over Europe and North America, as the opening act of Britney Spears, although her part was cut short due to Spears' knee injury. Sweetnam's new album, Sound Soldier, which she describes as "Nine Inch Nails meets Britney Spears", is set to be released in late 2007. Boyhunter, one of the upcoming songs from Sound Soldier, was chosen to be in the new The Sims 2: Pets game, and Sugar Guitar,with the song being re-recorded in simlish. She is the singing voice of Barbie in the straight to video release, The Barbie Diaries and has recorded songs for the movie. Sugar Guitar from the Japanese Special Edition of Noise From The Basement is featured in a new Zellers commercial - for the 2007 back to school shopping television ad campaign. In 2007 Tim Armstrong recorded the song he did with Sweetnam called "Into Action" and released it as his single in March. Sweetnam's vocals are featured in the chorus of the song, and she appears in the video of the song.

- "Wild World" - from "Billy S." single
- "Tidal Wave" - from "Tangled Up in Me" single (Also rare versions of "Billy S.")
- "Too Late" - from "Tangled Up in Me" single.

For television and film:
- "Just The Way I Am" - The Buzz On Maggie theme song
- "Fly By The Wayside" - Wayside theme song
- "Radio Free Roscoe Theme" - Radio Free Roscoe theme song
- "Sugar Guitar" - from compilation LOVE for NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~
- "This Is Me" - The Barbie Diaries theme song - This song was covered by another artist and featured on Hidden Palms
- "Girl Most Likely To" - from The Barbie Diaries
- "Real Life" - from The Barbie Diaries
- "Note To Self" - from The Barbie Diaries

From non-U.S. releases:
- "Superstar" - Noise from the Basement (Korean Edition)
- "Sugar Guitar" - Noise From the Basement (Japanese Special Edition)
- "Imaginary Superstar" - Noise From the Basement (Japanese Special Edition)
- "Tidal Wave" - from Noise From the Basement (Japanese Special Edition)

Unreleased / demos:
- "Give It Time" - Pre-career demo
- "(I'm) Just A Girl" - Pre-career demo
- "I've Been There Too" - Pre-career demo
- "Awakening"
- "Shattered"
- "Number One" (Alternate Demo Version)
- "Number One (WNBA Version)" - sung at WNBA


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