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Simon Rex

Real name: Simon Cutright
Birthdate: July 20, 1974
Status: Dating
Partner: Jaime Pressly

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Simon Rex (born Simon Rex Cutright) is an American model, actor, television, and former gay pornography personality. He currently considers himself to be bisexual and an aspiring rapper.

Over a four month period in 1993, he worked in three solo masturbation adult gay films which are still being sold on DVD. The films, directed by photographer Brad Posey, are titled as Hot Sessions #3, and Young, Hard & Solo #2 & #3. His stage name at that time was "Sebastian."

In 1995, MTV kept Simon on the air for over a year after his solo adult video work became known as his fame and popularity increased. After being let go by MTV during an update to its VJ line-up, Simon began to pursue acting and in 1999 was cast in the television show Jack & Jill, which ran for two seasons. Disney refused to consider casting him in the sitcom "Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane" (The WB) because of his past association with adult films. He appeared as "Eli" in the TV show Felicity and television guest appearances followed including Baywatch, Everwood, and Summerland), as well as cameos in various films. In 2002, the pilot for the show What I Like About You was picked up by The WB which now has transcended into The CW. Rex only starred in the first season.

Rex has appeared in the films The Forsaken, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4 and The Karate Dog. He also starred in National Lampoon's Pledge This! with Paris Hilton, and was romantically involved with her during shooting of the film. In the movie, the two share a sex scene. He also briefly dated Jaime Pressly.

He is also the co-owner of the semi-private New York nightclub The Plumm, along with Chris Noth, David Wells and Noel Ashman, among others.


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