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Sarah Blasko

Real name: Sarah Blasko
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Sarah Blasko (born September 23, 1976) is an Australian musician. She was born in Sydney soon after her family returned from French-speaking Réunion where her parents had been missionaries. An original and largely self-reliant musical artist, Blasko is known for her writing and production skills, as well as her unique voice and stage presence.

The track was picked up by local community stations such as 2SER, as well as the national youth broadcaster, Triple J – who also gave light rotation to two other EP tracks, "Will You Ever Know" & "Be Tonight". "Your Way" was also featured on the test loop of fledgling Sydney community radio station 2FBi, when the station began to broadcast full-time.

After this initial success, Sarah was approached by and eventually signed to Brisbane-based label, Dew Process, who repackaged and re-released the EP. There are minor variations to the packaging of the major label release, which make the independent release slightly more valuable to collectors.

With her debut EP & album focussed around acoustic guitar and utilising both live and programmed drums, Sarah’s early recordings possessed much appeal for fans of indietronica, and in particular the more 'singer-songwriter' type artists who aspire to this kind of production. However, in contrast, Blasko's compositions venture toward grand rather than diminutive melodies and to soaring pop arrangements rather than lo-fi underplaying.

Blasko works in the territory where Ed Harcourt and Fiona Apple shine, taking some of the new acoustic framework (think Turin Brakes) and some of the folk-meets-electronica stuff that came out in the post-Portishead years and applies them to straightforward pop songs.

'The Overture and the Underscore' finds the 28-year-old Aussie delivering a carefully crafted collection of compositions - torn between reverence of love and weariness of a reality that obliterates it - that will satisfy anyone who has felt that Norah Jones, Radiohead and Coldplay would serve well as composite musical DNA. Steering away from swanky vocal effects like double-tracking, and, for the most part, harmonies, producer Wally Gagel hones in on the breathy, weathered velvet of Blasko's voice, valuing the authenticity of its imperfections as well as its soul-weary grace, while framing it within wide-screen sonic atmospheres at once funereal and emboldened.

In the period following the release of her debut album, Blasko demonstrated her enthusiasm and flair for interpreting the songs of others.

With Robert F. Cranny, she produced a version of signature Crowded House number, "Don’t Dream It’s Over", which featured on the tribute album, She Will Have Her Way: The Songs Of Neil & Tim Finn. The track was engineered by David Trump at Big Jesus Burger studios in Sydney, and mixed by David Hemmings. In 2006, Sarah performed this song live at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Sarah has also performed a cover of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John, which appears on the ABC Records release, Triple J: Like A Version - Vol 2. She also performed the New Buffalo track, "Come Back", when that artist was forced to cancel a number of support slots in February 2005.

{Explain} and Always On This Line both made Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2006, with "{Explain}" reaching number 79 and "Always On This Line" reaching number 58. The album was also nominated for the 2006 J Award.


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