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Sammi Cheng

Real name: Twinnie Cheng
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Sammi Cheng Sau-Man (Chinese: 鄭秀文; Cantonese: Cheng Sau-Man; Mandarin pinyin: Zhèng Xìuwén) is a Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer.

In 1993, Sammi realized that in order to go from a top B-list artist to an A-list artist, she had to create a unique image for herself. At the time, another rising female artist, Faye Wong, had started a wild and crazy fashion trend in the music industry. Capitalizing on the attention she had been getting from her duet with a strict A-list artist Andy Hui, "其實你心裡有'有我" (Do you really have me in your heart?), Sammi went through a complete 180-degree transformation; she dyed her hair orange, purposely 'westernized' her pronunciation of Chinese and successfully toned her physique. At that time, dying your hair was only popular among street gangsters and it was a 'taboo' for artists to try to look rebellious. Sammi then came out with her 4th studio album, "鄭秀文的快樂迷宮" (Sammi's Happy Maze), which included the hit single, "Chotto 等等" (Chotto Matte). Her new image fit perfectly with the new single, which was a remake of a very upbeat Japanese song by Maki Ohguro. The success helped Sammi boost her singing career to the brim of one worthy of an A-lister.

In 1994, Sammi continued to capitalize on her wild, new image. Her first album of that year was "大報復" (Big Revenge). The album included the mega hit "叮噹" (Ding Dong), which became one of Sammi's all-time signature songs. But with her new fame also came a lot of backlash from the media. Critics pointed out that Sammi purposely "westernized" her Cantonese: instead of saying "Ding Dong", Sammi pronounced it as "Deen Dong". Despite the criticism, the song was one of most popular dance songs of that year. Throughout the rest of 1994, Sammi continued to release hit single after hit single, such as: Ten Commandments, Not Your Typical Love, Passion Island, Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo, Amnesia and Bitter Love. The racy and controversial cut of Ten Commandments (which includes tiny bits of what can be recognized as a porn soundtrack) was banned from the radio a few days after its initial airplay. Of course, with prohibition came another level of attention and fame for Sammi. Her savvy way of handling the controversy and the media in the midst of that incident was arguably a confirmation to music industry insiders that Sammi was here to stay. And she continued to ride on her fame....

Sammi re-invented herself once again, and held her 6th concert in HK from 18 to 25 May 2007 titled "Show Mi" (as 'Mi' being the nickname of SamMI given by her fans). Due to the huge demand for the tickets, the concert went from four performances to eight. The concert was both commercially and critically successful. According to news sources, many audience members stood up, cheered and danced along with Sammi throughout the entire performance. At the end of the first show, audience members continued to shout 'encore' for 15 minutes until Sammi came back out and sang "Our Theme Song - 我們的主題曲".

The experience at the Hong Kong Coliseum during those eight nights was amazing. In her own unique way, Sammi managed to rock the whole Coliseum and bring everyone to their feet and danced according to the fast numbers.


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