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Samantha Fox

Real name: Samantha Karen Fox
Birthdate: April 15, 1699
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Samantha Karen "Sam" Fox (born 15 April 1966 in Mile End, London) is an English former glamour model and dance-pop singer.

As the eldest daughter of the late Patrick John Fox and Carole Ann Wilken, Samantha Karen Fox came from a family of market traders in the East End of London. She has a younger sister, Vanessa (6 years her junior); and a half-sister, Frederica, from her father's second marriage.

Interested in music from an early age, she formed her first band at the age of 14. Her first record deal came a year later, with Lamborghini Records. However, both her theatre and music careers went on hold when her modeling career took off.

Fox's bubbly-blonde looks, winning smile, working-class background, and curvaceous 36D breasts, which looked disproportionately large on her diminutive 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m) frame, quickly made her an iconic figure. Months after she started modelling, she famously insured her breasts for a quarter of a million pounds sterling.

In 1989, Fox co-presented the BRIT Awards with Mick Fleetwood, which became notorious for turning into a shambles; Fox has asserted in interviews since that the autocue did not work properly that night, leading to utter chaos during the show's live TV broadcast. She spent a year in New York presenting pop promo videos for MTV, and she made other attempts at TV presenting, including an interview with Rolf Harris, which was ill-fated even before it started as Fox referred to her interviewee as "Ralph" on several occasions. She appeared on the sitcom Charles In Charge in 1990 where she played the role of "Samantha Steele", a fictional rock star whose agent pushes her to romance Charles Scott Baio in order to get the paparazzi to print it in the tabloids. In the story line, it was done for career publicity reasons since people seem to enjoy some controversy. She also appeared in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Spring Break, where she sang her various then current hits to thousands of college students.

Fox was twice linked to Australian con man Peter Foster. They dated in 1986-87 and then, after a seven year separation, they reunited in 1994 for a year. They were at one time reportedly engaged to be married. Fox described Foster as "the love of my life". She has also been in relationships with Paul Stanley, the singer and rhythm guitarist for the band KISS.

In 1994, it was reported that Fox had become a born-again Christian and she was invited to play at Christian music festival Greenbelt. When queried about how she could reconcile topless modelling with her Christian beliefs, she said:“Easily. God gave me my body. I know it has made many people happy. There is no conflict there. I don't and have never promoted pornography. I'm not a born-again Christian because I have always been one. I am doing what God wants me to do. My prayer each night is: "Let me go my way and make people happy. Let me do the right thing."”

Rumours regarding Fox's sexual preference began to surface in 1999 when she judged a lesbian beauty pageant, and many people said they believed that the woman she lived with at the time, Australian Cris Bonacci, formerly guitarist with Girlschool, was more than just her manager.


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