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Paula Cole

Real name: Paula Cole
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Paula Cole (born April 5, 1968 in Rockport, Massachusetts) is an American singer/songwriter. Her single "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1997, and the following year she won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Cole was born to Stephanie, a visual artist, and Jim Cole, a polka-playing entomologist. She has a sister named Irene. Cole entered the Berklee College of Music in Boston when she was 18, where she studied jazz singing and improvisation. She lived in Rockport, MA with her parents, where she attended Elementary School . Although some press stories focused on Cole being an unpopular and lonely child during her schooling in Rockport High School, this is almost purely fiction. She was, according to her press sources, from middle school on, a very popular student, holding office as class president and student counselor. In addition, she was very active in the school's theatre arts program, starring in many productions, among them "Flower Drum Song" and "Whose Life Is It Anyway?". She was a French Club member and traveled to France as part of a well-established exchange program founded by Foreign Language department head Mary Hayes.

Harbinger featured songs dwelling on Cole's personal thoughts on discrimination and unhappiness. The songs were musically lush but driven and bleak. The accompanying artwork featured photographs of Cole with a boyishly short haircut, wearing loose fitting black sweatclothes, combat boots and nose ring. Unfortunately the Imago label folded and promotion of Harbinger was limited, affecting its sales. A single, "I Am So Ordinary", was released with a bleak, low-budget black and white video that reflected the album's artwork.

Cole toured with the Lilith Fair and garnered even more critical acclaim for her live performances. Cole was nominated for several Grammy awards in 1997. Among them was "Producer of the Year" (Cole was the second woman to ever be nominated in this category); she did not win it, but did win "Best New Artist".

Cole took a hiatus to have and begin raising her daughter Sky. In 1999 Cole released Amen with the newly formed "Paula Cole Band". The album's debut single "I Believe In Love" was initially not a success but was remixed into a successful dance song. The album failed to match the success of This Fire. A fourth album was recorded but the label refused to release it; in 2005 Cole uploaded one of the tracks, "Singing Out My Life," to her own website to get her sound out there. She also recorded a song called "It's My Life" during these sessions, which can be heard in Mercury automobile commercials. Cole also made a home recording of a politically charged song called "My Hero Mr. President".

Cole returned in June 2007 with her fourth studio album "Courage" which was released on Decca Records with strong critical praise. The album is in stark contrast to "This Fire" and "Amen" the sound is more relaxed and smooth sounding then Cole's previous albums.

Cole's songs are frequently used in TV shows (The Simpsons, South Park, Saturday Night Live) and films (Urban Legend, Scary Movie). "I Don't Want to Wait" was the theme song for the series Dawson's Creek.

In March 2007, her official myspace previewed three new songs from "Courage," which include "Comin' Down", "El Greco", and the album's first single entitled "14".

In August 2007, Cole will tour with Mandy Moore, playing mid-size venues in the western United States.


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