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Noah Wyle

Real name: Noah Strausser Speer Wyle
Birthdate: June 4, 1971
Status: Married
Partner: Tracy Warbin

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Noah Strausser Speer Wyle (born June 4, 1971; last name pronounced /ˈwaɪli/) is an American TV and film actor, perhaps best known for his role as Dr. John Carter on the television drama ER.

Wyle, one of six children, was born in Hollywood, California, to Marjorie (Speer), a registered orthopedic head nurse, and Stephen Wyle, an electrical engineer. Noah's parents eventually split in the late seventies and his mother later remarried to James C. Katz, a film restorationist. Wyle's paternal grandparents, Edith and Frank Wyle, founded the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum. Edith Wyle was an expressionist painter who also created The Egg and The Eye, an innovative café and shop on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, which soon became the preferred hangout for artists, travelers and dreamers. Wyle was raised in a Reform Jewish home. He attended The Thacher School and graduated with the class of 1989. Wyle participated in a theater arts program at Northwestern University after his junior year of high school and appeared in high school plays even winning an award for a play he wrote. After graduation he studied with acting teacher Larry Moss while living in a small apartment on Hollywood Boulevard.

Along with his film and TV career, Noah has also been making some theater moves. Among others he appeared in a Los Angeles stage production of The 24th Day with Peter Berg in 1995, and with The Blank Theatre Company,he did the play "The Who", and more recentely he did "Lobster Alice", with Nicholas Brendon, where he played surrealist paintor Salvador Dalí, as a producer he will premiere "Missouri Waltz" soon.

In the year 2000 Wyle was also featured in the U.S. Got Milk? advertising campaign, which tries to rise consciousness to the importance of milk.

In 1999, Wyle made an appearance during the beginning of Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo Keynote presentation, initially pretending to be Jobs. When the audience caught on, Jobs himself appeared and began to banter with Wyle. It was a practical joke by Jobs and Wyle in light of the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Wyle devotes much of his free time to the international non-profit organization Doctors of the World and to his work as a member of the Human Rights Watch Council. Wyle also serves as the voluntary artistic producer of the Blank Theatre Company in Hollywood, which stages annual young playwrights festival and whose alumni include Ed Asner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, D.B. Sweeney, James Kerwin, Amber Benson, Megan Henning, Travis Schuldt, Warren Davis, Grant Show, and Nicholas Brendon. He also recently acquired Second Stage Theater in Hollywood, where the company has mounted numerous successful productions.


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