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Nina Brosh

Real name: Nina Brosh
Birthdate: November 12, 1975
Status: Married
Partner: Assi Salev

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Brosh was born in Afula, Israel to a Russian Jewish father and Chinese mother. She was discovered while sleeping on a park bench in Tel Aviv. At the time, she was a homeless runaway. A photographer offered to pay her to pose for photographs by him. In a few weeks her image was plastered all over the city.

Nina Brosh and her representation began looking for broader success, first going to New York, and then finally finding real success in Paris. She began to appear on runways, magazine editorials, and advertisements, working with brands such as Evian, Byblos, and Givenchy. In 1993, she was filmed by the director Ellen von Unwerth for the Duran Duran video for the song "Femme Fatale" from the The Wedding Album.

She is notable among high fashion models for her numerous, highly visible tattoos including a large crayfish on her right shoulder, the Chinese characters meaning "lucky" three inches below her navel and a lower back tattoo of leaves. Her tattoos are often either airbrushed out of photos or covered with makeup for runway shows. Brosh has recently declared semi-retirement from modelling. She has moved back to Israel and settled into a villa in the wealthy city of Kfar Shmaryahu. There, with her boyfriend Assi Salev, she has begun a family. She has also been putting energy into re-educating herself, focusing on a possible medical career.

In 1995, Nina was voted the 79th "Most Powerful Person in Fashion" by The Face magazine. In 1998 she appeared opposite Vincent Gallo in the independent movie Hollywood Salome, though rumours of links to high profile projects such as The Fifth Element and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace have all fallen through.


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