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Neko Case

Real name: Neko Case
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Neko Case (IPA pronunciation: ) (born September 8, 1970 in Alexandria, Virginia) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her solo career and as a member of The New Pornographers.

She is protective of her artistic independence, combining punk's "do it yourself ethic," a strong business sense, and clear opinions about her artistic goals. She has spurned offers from major record labels because they don't offer her enough control of her music, remaining affiliated with Mint Records in Canada and Bloodshot and ANTI- in the U.S.

Case was born to teenage parents of Ukrainian ancestry. Her family traveled around while she was young before settling in Tacoma, Washington, the city she considers her hometown. She left home when she was 15.

Case fully embraced country music on her 1997 album with Her Boyfriends, The Virginian. The album contained original compositions as well as covers of songs by Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn and even the 1974 Queen song "Misfire". When the album was released, critics compared Case to honky-tonk singers like Lynn and Patsy Cline.

Case sometimes tours with her friend Canadian singer and songwriter Carolyn Mark, as The Corn Sisters. One of their performances, at Seattle's Hattie's Hat restaurant in Ballard, was recorded and released as an album, The Other Women, on November 28, 2000.

At about the time Lullaby was released, Case left Seattle for Chicago because she felt that Seattle wasn't hospitable to its local artists.

Case recorded her third full-length album, Blacklisted, in Tucson, Arizona. Her first album credited to Case alone, without Her Boyfriends, it was released on August 20, 2002. Some believe the title Blacklisted alludes to Case being banned for life from the Grand Ole Opry because she took her shirt off during a performance on August 4, 2001, though Case herself has denied this. Asked about the incident in 2004, Case said "I had heatstroke. People would love it to be a 'fuck you' punk thing. But it was actually a physical ailment thing."

Most of the album's 14 songs are originals, except for covers of "Running Out of Fools," previously a hit for Aretha Franklin, and "Look for Me (I'll Be Around)." Blacklisted furthers Case's "country noir" mood, and was described by critics as lush, bleak, and atmospheric. Case cited filmmaker David Lynch, composer Angelo Badalamenti, and Neil Young's soundtrack to the film Dead Man as influences. One track, "Deep Red Bells," was inspired by Case's memories of being a vulnerable young woman in the Seattle area while the Green River Killer was at large.

Fox Confessor Brings the Flood was released on March 7, 2006. The album was recorded primarily in Tucson, Arizona over the course of two years as Case worked on the live The Tigers Have Spoken and continued to play with The New Pornographers. Critics hailed the record not only for Case's trademark vocals but also her use of stark imagery and non-standard song structures. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood wound up on many "Best of 2006" lists, such as No.1 on the Amazon.com music editors' picks and No. 2 on NPR's All Songs Considered. The album debuted at no. 52 on the Billboard Top 200 albums list.


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