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Natalie Imbruglia

Real name:
Birthdate: February 4, 1975
Status: N/A
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Natalie Jane Imbruglia (IPA: ) (born February 4, 1975) is an Australian singer-songwriter, model and actress.

On New Years Eve 2003, Imbruglia and her boyfriend of 3 1/2 years, Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, were married in a beach ceremony in Australia. She currently lives with Johns in Old Windsor, Berkshire, UK, and Newcastle, Australia.

There she was refused a work permit (on the grounds that too many "Neighbours" stars were trying to find work in the UK) and within a year or so of partying became bankrupt. This forced her to go back to her passion of singing, something which she had been putting off because she thought everyone would laugh at her because she'd been on "Neighbours". Her effort paid off and she was signed to BMG Publishing. She came up with a demo of the song "Torn" which greatly impressed RCA Records and got her a record contract.

Her first internationally released single, "Torn", was an Ednaswap cover of Norwegian singer Trine Rein's version of the same song. Instantly the single became one of the biggest hits of the 90s, reaching number-two in the UK Singles Chart and number-one on airplay around the world and was number-one on the Billboard chart for 14 weeks. The single went on to sell over a million copies in the United Kingdom alone.

The royalty Imbruglia received from Torn single and airplay is rumoured to be GBP 5 million in 1997 and 1998. Since then, she received no less than GBP 1 million annually due to the prolonged airplay of the song worldwide.

Left of the Middle was certified platinum by RIAA within 4 weeks of release (3rd April 1998) and was certified 2X platinum in November 1998.

Imbruglia had a choice to either release 'Perfectly' as her third single, or use the GBP200,000 funding from BMG to do a tour. She decided to do a small European tour (as she had not done a proper tour since Left of the Middle in late October and November to promote the album. Though the album never entered UK Top 40 again, she proved once again that she had maintained a dedicated fan base; several concerts, especially those in London sold out.

Imbruglia started working on her 4th album in late 2005. In mid 2007 the plans changed and Natalie's record company decided to release the single collection instead. The compilation is a celebration of Imbruglia's 10 years in the music industry.

On June 23rd it was announced that Natalie would release a singles collection titled Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007 on September 10th. Natalie initially did not want to release the collection, opting for her fourth studio album instead, but was apparently made to compromise with record producers by adding a few new tracks. The release featured five new tracks including: "Glorious", and "Be With You", former of which was released on 27th August 2007. A bonus DVD is included.

Another Phil Thornalley collaboration written with Natalie in mind, entitled "I Quit" ended up being given to short lived UK girlband Hepburn, which went onto become their only UK Top 10 hit in 1999.

She also recorded the song "Cold Air" for the Mexican movie "Y tu mama tambien", which also appeared as a B-Side on Beauty on the Fire.


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