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Morgan Fairchild

Real name: Patsy Ann McClenny
Birthdate: February 3, 1950
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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In 1995, Fairchild returned to soaps as catty Sydney Chase on The City, for a year. She also made guest appearances on Friends (as Chandler Bing's mother) and was a recurring guest star on Cybill as Andrea, the rival of Cybill Shepherd's character. Through the years, she also maintained a career in independent films and theater productions.

More recently, Fairchild has starred in the role of Mrs. Robinson in the play adaptation of the film The Graduate. This role drew media attention, as it includes a scene in which Fairchild appeared nude on stage. In 2005, Fairchild appeared in the competition reality show, But Can They Sing? on the VH1 network.

In the fall of 2006, she was a charter cast member of the My Network TV series Fashion House, playing Sophia Blakely, a rival to Bo Derek's character, Maria Gianni .

In addition to her work as an actress Fairchild has long maintained a strong role within the Screen Actors Guild. Currently Fairchild is a three year board member of the Guild and has served on several diverse committees, including co-chair Legislative Committee, National Executive Committee, SAG-AFTRA Relations Committee, Commercials Contracts Committee, Honors and Tributes Committee (HATS), and Guild Governance and Rules Committee. In recognition of her political work Esquire magazine said of Fairchild: "She looks like a centerfold but sounds like a senator."

Fairchild's personal life has been more low-key, but she was married to Jack Calmes (1967–1973) and dated US Senator and Presidential candidate-to-be John Kerry in the early '90s. In an interview for the September 25, 2006, edition of People magazine, Fairchild said she has been in a relationship with film company executive Mark Seiler for 20 years, although they have no plans to marry.

Fairchild continues to appear regularly on television, and is active in raising awareness of AIDS-related issues and environmental protection. Fairchild is unique in the sense that she has never had a starring role in a successful film or television series. She cultivated an image through her glamour as well as her extremely professional and courteous personality (a contrast from the "divas" she tends to portray). Fairchild scored her biggest recognition in some time by starring in TV ads for the Old Navy clothing store for several years, essentially playing herself.


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