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Mis-Teeq were an English R&B group. Originally a quartet, the group eventually became a trio, whose members were Alesha Dixon, Su-Elise Nash and Sabrina Washington. They released two studio albums and nine singles together. In January 2005 they announced their official split, instead pursuing solo careers in music.

After months of recording - including sessions with producers Norwegian duo Stargate, Ed Case, Blacksmith, Rishi Rich, and Ceri Evans - Mis-Teeq finally released their debut single "Why?". Originally an R&B song, a remix version by Matt "Jam" Lamont soon became a smash in the underground UK garage scene, and as a result a second music video for the song was filmed and released. While "Why" became a hit on the UK singles chart, reaching the top 10 with a peak position of number 8 despite its appearance on a number of dance compilations, and an early lack of media support, Zena consequently decided to leave the lineup in spring 2001.

The three remaining girls went on to release their second single "All I Want" in June 2001. The song overtopped the success of the trio's debut single and became a number 2 hit in the UK, simultaneously entering the top 30 of the Australian singles chart. On October 27, 2001, the band finally released their debut album, Lickin' on Both Sides. Due to the sheer volume of interest the album became a double platinum success and sold more than 600,000 copies domestically. Outside the UK, however, Lickin' on Both Sides failed to chart or sell noticeably.

Returning from a short hiatus, Mis-Teeq released their second album, Eye Candy on March 29, 2003. The album featured production by Stargate, Ed Case, Salaam Remi, singer Joe, and Jermaine Dupri and debuted at its peak position of number six on the UK albums chart, eventually receiving a platinum certification. While Eye Candy's sales failed to link on the sudden success of Lickin' on Both Sides, pre-released lead single "Scandalous" became the group's most successful single by then: It reached the top ten in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Denmark.

In June 2003, the album's second single "Can't Get It Back" became the band's seventh and final domestical top ten single. Originally a remake of the same-titled unreleased Blaque single from 2002, Mis-Teeq and Telstar agreed not to use album version, instead releasing the alternate "Ignorants Radio Edit" as an official single version. The song also was included on a Special Edition of Eye Candy which was released in December of the same year and spawned a third single with "Style". However, the song failed to reach the UK top 10 and eventually peaked at number 13.

"Scandalous" was released in the U.S. in May 2004 (under another label, Reprise Records) and reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Dance Singles Chart in June, making it their only US hit. The song was featured as the theme of the movie, 'Catwoman', starring Halle Berry in summer 2004.

Alesha will release her debut album Fired Up during 2007, featuring the lead singles Lipstick and Knock Down. Lipstick made it to number 14 on the UK Single Charts, and Knock Down was released on 30 October 2006.

Sabrina, who changed her stage title to Puma Washington, released a demo titled "Pocket Rocket" in June 2006. The single was expected to be released in Autumn 2006, but Puma has decided to work harder on her debut album and wait for a specific time to have her debut album (to be titled "Comfort Zone") released.


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