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Michael J. Fox

Real name: Michael Andrew Fox
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Married
Partner: Tracy Pollan (1988-present)

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Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, and disclosed his condition to the public in 1998. As the symptoms of his disease worsened, he retired from full-time acting in 2000.

Stardom did not come easily for Fox. Although he landed a rapid succession of parts after Letters from Frank (in the films Midnight Madness and Class of 1984 and in guest roles on Lou Grant and Trapper John M.D.), he hit a dry spell. At one point, he was forced to sell off pieces of his sectional couch, which actor Lance Guest purchased. Fox has called this period his "macaroni days", presumably as opposed to "salad days", jokingly referring to the fact that he ate so many penny-pinching macaroni and cheese dinners.

Spin City was a sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2002 on ABC, based on a fictional local government running New York City, originally starring Fox as Mike Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York. After leaving the show, he was replaced by Charlie Sheen who portrayed the character Charlie Crawford. Altogether 145 episodes were made (see list of episodes).

In 2004, Fox guest starred in the comedy Scrubs as Dr. Kevin Casey, who suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. In 2006, he appeared in four episodes of Boston Legal as a lung cancer patient who used his influence in an experimental drug test to ensure he received the real drug instead of a placebo. The producers brought him back in a recurring role for season 3, beginning with the season premiere. Though his character did not survive the season, Fox was nominated for an Emmy Award for best guest appearance.

Fox married actress Tracy Pollan on 16 July 1988, at West Mountain Inn in Arlington, VT. The couple have four children: Samuel Michael (born May 30, 1989), twins Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances (born February 15, 1995), and Esmé Annabelle (born November 3, 2001). Fox holds dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship.The MJFF logo.The Team Fox logo.

Two years earlier, Fox had appeared in a television commercial for Republican Arlen Specter's 2004 Senate campaign. In the commercial, sponsored by Specter's re-election campaign, Fox comments that Specter "gets it" and Specter's voice is heard saying "there is hope."

On July 18, 2006, Fox appeared in a taped interview on ABC's Good Morning America, defending a Senate bill (Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act) that would have expanded federal funding for stem cell research. The bill was not enacted, however, being vetoed by President George W. Bush.

Fox responded to Limbaugh's comments, ". . .it's difficult for people who don't have Parkinson's, or don't know about Parkinson's, to understand the symptoms and the way they work and the way medication works. You get what you get on any given day."


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