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Masuimi Max

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Status: Single

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Masuimi Max (born March 12, 1978, in Jacksonville, Arkansas, U.S.) is an American fetish model of Korean and German descent. She is known for her many tattoos and her interest in several fetishes.

Her mother died while giving birth to her second daughter, Yong-Son Max, when Masuimi was six. Her father remarried a few times after that and had a son named Charles. However, she was subjected to hating several of her father’s new wives and she eventually became estranged from the family. Masuimi started stripping at the age of 18 to make money after her family had disowned her when she was 17. Her stripping routine included elements of fetish and burlesque dancing.

She has appeared in dozens of magazines and photoshoots, as well as music videos. Max has appeared in several movies, including Here Lies Lonely (1999) and Upside Downtown (2005) and was first seen in XXX: State of the Union (2005). She also makes personal appearances at car shows. Masuimi recently appeared in the Tiger Army music video "Rose of the Devil's Garden" and as a contestant in the reality television game show Fear Factor. She also has a brief cameo at the end of the movie Inland Empire by David Lynch as a girl with the blonde wig who has a monkey.

"Masuimi Max" is her real name. She has two tattoos of her name written in Japanese. When translated, these tattoos actually said "Masumi". As explained by Masuimi herself "they were tattooed on my arms the way they are pronounced, not the way it is spelled in English. Some of you may already know, Hiragana and Katakana represents sounds, not letters like the English alphabet. My name is spelled Masuimi, but the first 'i' is silent. Thus, the pronunciation of my name was exactly how it was tattooed on my arms.".

Masuimi was formerly married to Allen Falkner, a tattoo and piercing artist who is one of the founders of the modern body suspension movement.

On July 8, 2006 Masuimi married her boyfriend, Kerrang! journalist/photographer Mörat, in a non-denominational ceremony in Hollywood. They each had a knuckle tattooed to commemorate the event.


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