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Luciana Salazar

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Luciana Salazar Ortega (born November 7, 1980, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a glamour model and actress.

Salazar began as a model where at the 4 years old recorded her first television commercial, and at 15 years old was respected one of the young promises of the modeling. Then charged to fame with her appearance as an actress in the comedy show "Poné a Francella". Though the political fact that she was a niece of Argentinian singer and then governor, Palito Ortega helped her into the acting world, it was by her own conditions that she began a successful career. Given her exhuberant figure, she began to star in different street theatre works, such as "Pijamas" becoming one of the leading media figures in Argentina.

Little by little she won a place in the media and on the covers of magazines and page of sensationalist newspapers in Argentina, Spain, United States, Latin America and Europe.

In February of 2005 she was voted "Queen of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival" in Chile, and became a very popular personality in that country. She took part in various fashion shows, and in that same year she was the star of "Abtao Fashion 2005", an event in Peru, along with 70 other Peruvian models who modeled the latest fashions. She took part in the erotic television series "Luli in Love" on Playboy TV.

During the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 campaign, Salazar was voted the national football (soccer) team's representative, what many call the "Godmother".

Luciana with other argentinian models participated during the end of the year 2006 of the program of TV "Showmatch" where participated in the segment "Bailando por un sueño". In December 2, 2006 the model was presented in the 2006 Telethon of Chile to host a segment called vedetón.


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