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Louisa Moritz

Real name: Louisa Castro
Birthdate: 1946
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Moritz has made many television appearances on game shows, such as Match Game and many made-for-TV movies, usually playing a ditzy blond. She played the navigator in Sylvester Stallone's car in Death Race 2000.

She's also memorable for her performance as Rose, the blond prostitue in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest where on the set, she befriended Muskogee Creek Indian actor Will Sampson who played the big Indian in the film. She and Sampson spent hours between takes playing guitars and singing.

She also starred in The Last American Virgin, as an older woman who is lonely because her sailor mate is never home, and thus hints to a pizza delivering teenager that she wants more than just pizza. Being to afraid to act on it, he brings over his two friends, and she entices them all to have sex with her in sequence. Just before the original kid's turn, her mate comes back and chases the kids away. She is also remembered for jumping out of a cake on Happy Days at Richie's 18th birthday party, and for doing the voice of Chita in the R-rated adult cartoon The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.

In 1975 Moritz, with the help of her personal assistant Steve Osburn, fellow actor Monte Bane, and friend Don Monte of the National Enquirer, moved out of her Hollywood Boulevard apartment into her first home on Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills.

She sold real estate in the Los Angeles area and later married producer Billy Fine who also cast her in one of the films he produced called "Jungle Warriors." Louisa bought a hotel on South Reeves in Beverly Hills and renamed it "The Saint Moritz Hotel" after herself.

Her first appearance on television was in a commercial for Ultra-Ban, a spray deodorant that included aluminum chlorhydrate. Her performance in the commercial ("Sprays are so modern you'd expect them to do everything!") very likely led to her casting as a stereotypical dumb blond.

Moritz has always had the dream of being an attorney like her father and uncle. Her dream finally came true when she finished law school and passed the California bar exam.


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