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Linda Lampenius

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Linda Brava, real name Linda Lampenius (born on February 26, 1970 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish violinist.

Brava was born into a family and culture in which music formed a vital part of life. Her father is a theatre director, singer and also a composer of musicals and operettas. Her mother is a singer and actress. Brava grew up at the backstage of Svenska Teatern, and made her theatre debut at the age of three. When she was four, she was on Svenska Teatern's tour in Sweden and Norway and was attending the musical kindergarten. A year later, Brava was studying the violin with the Hungarian Géza Szilvay. Brava was taught according to the Colour Strings Method, invented by Zoltan Kodaly, and as a child prodigy on the violin Brava appeared on Finnish TV presenting the method.

At the age of eight, Brava beacame a member and soloist – later also a concertmistress – of the Helsinki Juniorstrings. The renowed orchestra toured all over the world visiting the U.S., Canada and Japan – among many other countries. Brava debuted as a soloist with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra as an eleven-year-old.

Brava is a member of Grace, a musical ensemble, which was founded by four female musicians in 2005. Sofia Källgren (song), Monica Ramos (harp), Linda Brava (violin) and Carina E. Nilsson (keyboard, piano) perform crossover and Classical music.

Brava had played classical music for 21 years before she was asked to play something similar to Vanessa-Mae's Toccata and Fugue, and so she did. In 1997, Brava released the self-titled pop album Linda Lampenius, and played tunes from the album while modelling for Björn Borg on the catwalks

In 1997, Brava was invited by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to play a solo violin part in his new musical Metal Philharmonic at the Sydmonton Festival. Brava also gave a concert of her own at the festival, and The Times dedicated its cultural enclosure to her.

Brava's song "Aquamarine" was featured in an episode of the TV-series Baywatch, and "Violator" appears in an episode of Fame L.A.. Both these songs also had music videos made for them.

Brava is now working on her up-coming album, which is set to be released in October 2007. In April, Brava was writing and recording music with Jeff Franzel in New York City, and a short foretaste from the sessions was heard on Swedish RIX FM radio programme on April 20.

Brava has been a guest actress for one episode each of American television series Fame L.A. and Baywatch. Brava has also done some acting in the North.

Brava was the model and face for Björn Borg's range of underwear and bathing suits from 1996 to 1999. She was seen in printed ads and on the catwalks playing music from her first CD. Brava has also been a model for Lacroix watches in England performing in their PR events and being seen in their print ads.

Because of her status as a blonde violin sensation in Europe, Brava was offered a contract to become the celebrity-covergirl of the men's magazine Playboy. Brava agreed, and was featured in and on the cover of Playboy's Sex & Music issue of 1998. She was also one of Playboy's Sex Stars of 1998.

Brava lent her name and image to a brand of Finnish cider, which sold millions of litres between 1997 and 2000.

Brava represented the Swedish People's Party and was elected to the Helsinki City Council in 1996 for a four-year term. She has also chosen to be Finland's Tourist Envoy in Sweden.


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