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Lillix (IPA: /lɪl.ɪks/) is a pop/rock band from Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, formed under the name Tigerlily in 1997 when the early members were in high school. The band was originally comprised of guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin, keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin, bassist Louise Burns, and drummer Sierra Hills. In 2001 the band was signed by Maverick Records and changed their name to Lillix. Hills left in 2002 and was replaced by Kim Urhahn, and later by Alicia Warrington. The Evin sisters announced that as of late 2006 the band was considered on hiatus due to the loss of Burns and Warrington, but with the addition of two new members in early 2007, the band was in the process of rebuilding.

Lillix released their debut album Falling Uphill in Canada and the United States on May 27, 2003 and in Japan on August 27, 2003. The single releases for this album were "It's About Time", "Tomorrow", and "What I Like About You", which is a cover for the eponymous song by The Romantics. This song is featured on the 2003 Freaky Friday soundtrack, and is the theme song for the comedy series What I Like About You. By the time of the album's release, Urhahn had replaced Hills as drummer. The band received two nominations at the 2004 Junos.

The second album, Inside the Hollow, was released in Canada on 29 August 2006 and in Japan on 6 September 2006. The only single from this album is "Sweet Temptation (Hollow)". This album's release saw another change in drummers, with Warrington taking the seat in October 2005 after Urhahn departed.

Preceding the release of Inside the Hollow, Louise Burns stated that because Maverick Records had folded, the album would only be available in Japan and Canada until further notice. After the revelation that Warrington had departed the band at the end of October 2006 and that Burns is now affiliated with The Luna Riot, it was confirmed by Lacey-Lee Evin that the band had decided to "take a break", and that no further album releases were expected.

Falling Uphill
- Release: May 27, 2003 (CAN, U.S.)August 27, 2003 (JPN)
- Label: Maverick Records
- Peak U.S. Billboard: #188
- U.S. sales: 10,000+
- Singles:
- 2003: "It's About Time"
- 2003: "What I Like About You"
- 2003: "Tomorrow"

Inside the Hollow
- Release: August 29, 2006 (CAN)September 6, 2006 (JPN)
- Label: Maverick Records
- Peak Position: #48 (JPN)
- WW Sales: 10,000+
- Singles:
- 2006: "Sweet Temptation (Hollow)"


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