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Lil Jon

Real name: Jonathan Mortimer Smith
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single


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Big Boi ft Slim Calhoun Lil Jon - Last Call Listen Send to Phone
Big Boi ft Slim Calhoun Lil Jon - Last Call Listen Send to Phone
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bitches aint shit Listen Send to Phone
braveheats and lil jon - quick to back down Listen Send to Phone

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Jonathan Smith (born January 27, 1971), better known by his stage name Lil Jon, is an American rapper,hype man & producer. He is best known as a pioneer of the sub-genre of hip hop known as "crunk" (a combination of elements of Bounce Music, Disco music, Southern hip hop and bass music). His group, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, which includes Big Sam and Lil Bo, is one of crunk's most notable acts.

Lil Jon graduated from Douglass High School in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989 and went on to pursue a bachelors and masters degree. He hosted a radio show on BET and started doing remixes for artists like Matty-K, Jamaal, Too $hort, Kim Murdah, Xscape, and Total. He worked for So So Def between 1993 and 2000.

In 2002 Lil Jon looked onto old school Miami bass artist Rick Taylor, AKA Disco Rick, one of the bass music kings and legends of Miami, who gave Lil Jon his first MPC-3000 in 1996. Rick was then called by Lil Jon to come down to Rick's studio in Miami and work with him on The Kings Of Crunk LP. Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz released their breakthrough album Kings of Crunk. The first single, "I Don't Give a Fuck" featuring Mystikal and Krayzie Bone became another dancefloor filler. However, it was "Get Low" with the Ying Yang Twins and its catchy hook that became a breakout hit. It reached the top five in a composite worldwide chart (compiled from U.S., German, French R&B charts) in 2003 and Internet download charts. It also went into the top 40 in markets such as Germany and Australia in 2004. Based on the success of "Get Low", Kings of Crunk reached the top twenty of the U.S. album chart in September 2003. Lil Jon put out a compilation CD and DVD in 2003 called Part II featuring remixes of Get Low featuring Busta Rhymes and Elephant Man as well as the Ying Yang Twins. Jon also produced the hit single Salt Shaker for the Ying Yang Twins.

Baby D
- "Bow His Azz Up" (feat. Shawty Beezelee, Dollar & Lil Jon)
- "ATL Hoe" (feat. Lil Jon, Pastor Troy & Archie Eversole)

- "Tell Me When To Go" (feat. Keak Da Sneak) #35 US
- "U and Dat" (feat. T-Pain and Kandi Girl) #13 US
- "Muscle Cars" (feat. Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk)
- "She Say She Loves Me"
- "Been There, Done That" (feat. Lil Jon)
- "Yee" (feat. Too Short & Budda)
- "White Girl" (feat. Bun B, Pimp C of UGK, and Juelz Santana)
- "I'm Da Man" (feat. Mike Jones and Al Kapone)
- "Anybody Can Get It" ft. Lil Jon & Bonecrusher
- "Rep Yo City" (feat. Bun B, Lil Jon, Petey Pablo, and 8-Ball; also appeared on Lil Jon's "Kings of Crunk" CD.)

Prince D
- "How we Stand Up" ft. Lil Jon and Ludacris
- "Stand Up ATL" ft. Lil Jon and Ludacris
- Prince D's Upcoming Album "South of tha Border"(2007)**

Too $hort
- "Blow the Whistle"
- "Shake That Monkey" (feat. Lil' Jon) #84 US
- "You Can't Fuck With Us" (feat. Petey Pablo and N.O.R.E.)
- "Money Maker" (feat. Rick Ross and Pimp C)
- "That's How It Goes Down" (feat. Oobie)
- "Burn Rubber" (feat. Nvs Styles)
- "Hey, Let's Go" (feat. Cutty Cartel and Devin The Dude)
- "Quit Hatin' Pt. 1" (feat. Lil' Jon & Twista)
- "Couldn't Be A Better Player" (feat. Lil Jon)
- "So Siddity" ft. Daz & Kurupt
- "Burn Rubber Part II"
- "Let Em Fight"
- "It's Time To Go"
- "Strip Down"

Trick Daddy
- "Can't Go For That" (feat. DMX & Lil Scrappy)
- "Play No Games"
- "Let's Go" (feat. Lil Jon & Twista)


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