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Kumi Koda

Real name: Kumiko Kouda
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Kumi Koda (倖田 來未, Kōda Kumi?) (born Kumiko Kōda (神田 來未子, Kōda Kumiko?) on November 13, 1982) is a Japanese pop singer from Kyoto who debuted in Japan in 2000 with Take Back. She is the older sister of Japanese pop singer, Misono. She did not achieve major success until her seventh single, Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba. Her popularity reached new levels in 2005 after the release of Secret) and Butterfly . Later that year she became one of the best selling artists of 2005 with the success of Best ~first things~. At the end of 2006, Oricon named her the top seller of 2006. Lately, Japanese sports tabloids have paired her together with SMAP leader Masahiro Nakai.

Before she signed onto Avex, Koda auditioned alongside Maki Goto for the third generation of the Japanese group of entertainers known as Morning Musume. She ultimately ended up signing a contract with Avex, and it is uncertain whether she forfeited the Morning Musume competition or if she lost to Goto.

The fourth and fifth singles of the twelve singles, Shake It Up and Lies, respectively released December 28, 2005, and January 4, 2006, grabbed the sixth and seventh position while "You", was still charting at ninth. This feat made Koda the first female artist to have three singles in the top ten of the Oricon Weekly Singles chart.

The title tracks in 4 hot wave were used in advertisements. "I'll be there" was used in Seabreeze advertisements for a sun tanning lotion, "Ningyo-Hime" (Mermaid Princess) was used in Vodafone 705T advertisements for a mobile phone, "With your smile" was the theme for NTV's 2006 Japan Pro Baseball, and "JUICY" was used by Gemcerey, a Japanese jewelery company, to promote their product, "Binary Face". "Binary Face" is designed by Koda and the concept is said to be based on her. The "lion" is to represent the dark, sexy and powerful woman while the "rabbit" is for the innocent, weak, and cute side of a woman.

Koda also performed at the Japanese leg of Live Earth in Tokyo on July 7, 2007. in addition to attending ap bank fes '07., an environmental preservation themed concert, hosted by Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr.Children on July 15, 2007. She performed hits "Cherry Girl", "But", "Freaky", "Kiseki", and "girls".

It has been officially confirmed that Koda's 38th single will be a collaboration with Korean boyband TVXQ, due out on 7 November. Her fourth single of 2007 is titled LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki and it is going to be used for the Japanese release of the film Resident Evil: Extinction.

Within 2006 , Kumi Koda began winning awards for being a new trendsetter in Japan, including the "Best Jeanist Award" on September 4, 2006, and the title of "Nail Queen" for her nail art on November 21, 2006, by Japan Nail Expo. Finally, Vogue Nippon named her one of their "Women of 2006".

Then, with the release of her 5th album, Black Cherry, Koda was the first female artist to release a studio album that remained at the top of the Oricon weekly album charts for four weeks after Ayumi Hamasaki with her album, Duty, released in 2000.


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