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Kristin Holt

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Kristin Holt (born August 17, 1981 in Plano, TX) is a television personality and entertainment news correspondent. She is most noted as the current host of G4's Cheat!, a television show dedicated to video game cheats and strategies; she also substitutes hosting roles for the network's other shows. On GSN, she is currently hosting poker night.

Holt is a Texas Christian University graduate. While at TCU she became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and made the elite 12-person team. She was a morning radio co-host in Dallas on WILD 100.3 FM (now the disc-jockey free JACK FM) and was an American Idol semi-finalist during its first season. In the second season of American Idol, she was hired by FOX to replace Brian Dunkleman as co-host. However, on premiere night, she found out that the producers edited most of her footage out of the show, and she was later credited as correspondent for the show instead. She appeared as a covergirl for an issue of Stuff magazine.

Holt will be the host of Hasbro's DVD game Shout About Television, a party game similar to Shout About Movies. She also worked with V-Cast on Verizon Wireless phones.

Holt is now the vocalist of the band Stranger Days, and is currently in the studio recording an album. She is working with producer Andre Recke, who is known for his work with Hilary Duff, according to the Stranger Days official website.


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