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Kelly Key

Real name: Kelly de Almeida Alfonso
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Kelly Key (real name Kelly de Almeida Afonso) born 1983 in Rio de Janeiro is a Brazilian singer and teen idol.

In 2001, at 17, she released her selftitled debut album in which she wrote none of the songs. Her first single was the song 'Escondido' in which she sang 'We went out to make out and to make love'. The song received lots of airplay thanks to her then boyfriend LATINO.

Baba Baby (Drool Baby) had very polemic lyrics: "You didn't believe/You didn't look/You said I was too young for you/But now that I'm all grown-up/You want to go out with me(...)But, for you not to call me mean/I will let you look/Only look/Only look/Baba/Baby Baba/Look what you have lost/Drool, kid is all-grown-up/Too bad for you/This is for you to learn to never snob me again'. The song sparked controversy after it was criticized for representation of pedophilic connotations.

The song was one of the most played on the radio and thanks to it, the album went double platinum in Brazil, and released in Portugal and Chile.

Furthermore, Kelly's first two singles comprised highly explicit sexual content; although, the albums appealed predominantly to minors. The album would later tender two more successful singles:

'Cachorrinho' , about a petulant man and his eventual apprehension of the reality of his relationship with his female boss, and Anjo , a sad ballad. Both songs received major airplay and were big radio hits.

In the same year, Kelly received substantial exposure after appearing on the covers of various gossip magazines due to her not-friendly divorce with Latino and participation in a recent Playboy exposé.

2003 saw the release of Kelly's second album Do Meu Jeito (My Way). Following 'Baba's' legacy, the album's first single recited Kelly's difficult relationship with a minor.

In 2005, Kelly released her second self titled album. In response to commercial demands the album explicitly targets children. The album's first single recounts a situation where Kelly's boyfriend woos her best friend; although, the album's biggest hit was the song 'Sou a Barbie Girl', a remake of Aqua's 1998 hit 'Barbie Girl'. 'Sou a Barbie Girl' reached 1 in Brazilian charts and the album went gold.

Kelly recently released her new album in November, 2006 and it's already at the top of Brazilian album charts.

Kelly Key (Remix)
- Released: 2002
- Sales: 100,000 Brazil
- Official Singles:
- 2001: Baba (#1)Brazil
- 2001: Anjo (#1)Brazil
- 2002: Cachorrinho (#1)Brazil
- 2002: Escondido (#6)Brazil

Kelly Key Live
- Released: 2004
- Sales: 20,000 Brazil</small
- Official Singles:
- Por Cause De VocĂȘ(Live) (#18)Brazil

Kelly Key (3rd Studio Album)
- Released: 2005
- Sales: 50,000 Brazil</small
- Official Singles:
- 2005: Escuta Aqui Rapaz(#8)Brazil
- 2005: Barbie Girl(#1)Brazil
- 2006: Papinho Brazil


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