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Katie Price

Real name: Katrina Alexandra Infield (Jordan)
Birthdate: May 22, 1978
Status: Single

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Katie Price (born Katrina Alexandra Infield on May 22, 1978) is an English glamour model, television personality, magazine columnist and businesswoman also known as Jordan. Her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines.

Price was born and brought up in the seaside town of Brighton in East Sussex, England. Her mother is English and her maternal grandmother is Jewish. She took the surname Price after her mother remarried following the split from her biological father when she was a child. Price has an older brother named Daniel and a younger sister, Sophie.

In an attempt to cross over from modeling to other areas, Jordan (unsuccessfully) tried out for a part on the television series Baywatch in 1998, guest presented The Big Breakfast and played herself in an episode of Dream Team.

She appeared in the documentaries Jordan: Living Without Fame (Channel 4), Jordan: The Truth About Me, Jordan: Model Mum, Jordan: You Don't Even Know Me (BBC Choice), Jordan Gets Even (Five) and the series When Jordan Met Peter (ITV), Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare (ITV2), Jordan & Peter: Marriage and Mayhem (ITV2), and the Katie & Peter series, including Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter (ITV2) and Katie & Peter: The Baby Diaries.

In April 2006 Price appeared in a photo shoot for American Vogue by David Bailey as part of the magazine's Shape issue.

In summer 2006 she announced she was planning to flaunt her talents across the Atlantic and appeared on USA TV channel E!. She was only given a controversial five minutes of interviewing time and faced mixed reactions from American audiences.

Under the name Katie Price, she was one of the acts competing for the right to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, to be held in Ukraine. On 5 March 2005, singing a song titled Not Just Anybody, wearing a skin tight pink catsuit whilst heavily pregnant, she lost the public vote, coming in second place in the pre-selection show Making Your Mind Up, behind Javine. The other contestants were the 1996 UK entrant Gina G, as well as Andy Scott-Lee, and the group Tricolore. She has constantly claimed she has a recording contract though many in the music industry apparently connected with Katie deny this. She also admits the Eurovision was a mistake and is one of few regrets of her current career.

In January of 2005, Katie released her first autobiography "Being Jordan: My Autobiography" hitting the best-selling list. Her second autobiography was released in January of 2006, also hitting the best-sellers list. In the summer 2006, the novel "Angel", was published and made the best seller lists for fiction. The second novel: "Crystal", published a year later, repeated that success. Although credited to Price, both novels were ghostwritten by Rebecca Farnworth

Price was named Gratan Celebrity Mum of the year in a nationwide poll and in April 2007 she appeared on the front cover of the iconic women's magazine Cosmopolitan.

In November 2006 Katie Price launched The Katie Price Lingerie Collection in conjunction with Panache available exclusively at Asda stores nationwide.

In November 2006 she and her husband released a CD of duets to raise money for various charities. In 2007, Price appeared on the British young people's rich list which estimated her to be worth £30 million, ranking the 17th richest young person in Britain.


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