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Jolene Blalock

Real name: Jolene Blalock
Birthdate: March 5, 1975
Status: Married
Partner: Michael Rapino

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Jolene Blalock (born March 5, 1975 in San Diego, California) is an American actress best known for playing Sub-Commander T'Pol, a Vulcan in Star Trek: Enterprise. Prior to Enterprise, her highest profile role was playing Medea in a 2000 adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts.

A popular model, Blalock has appeared on the cover of many men's lifestyle magazines and was twice featured in Maxim's "Girls of Maxim" gallery. She posed for a clothed fashion layout in Playboy in April 2002. She was later interviewed by the magazine for its "20Q" section in February 2005.

Blalock's 30th birthday on March 5, 2005, coincided with the filming of her final scenes as T'Pol. During the spring of 2005, she was quoted in a Toronto Star interview and at her Pasadena convention appearance as calling the Enterprise finale episode, "These Are the Voyages..." "appalling" although the reasons for this opinion were not initially reported. In a later interview, Blalock expanded upon this by saying that she was upset that the final episode focuses more upon characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation than Enterprise.

Blalock initially expressed reluctance to participate in Star Trek conventions, but made a first appearance at a convention in Pasadena, California, in March 2005. Her second appearance was at an autograph signing show in Milton Keynes, England, in late April; this was soon followed by an appearance at a convention in Bonn, Germany, and others. Billed as a guest of the annual Creation Entertainment-organized 2005 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, Ms. Blalock bowed out in the weeks prior, citing "work-related commitments". Scheduled again the following year, Ms. Blalock appeared before fans for a handful of personalized photo ops before being taken ill. According to unofficial comment by Creation officials, she was treated at a local hospital for food poisoning.

A self-confessed "Trekkie" and big fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, she was openly critical of Enterprise during its third and fourth seasons. She has stated that she felt that the show was creatively lacking, and that the show's producers were out of touch with Trek fans, although she called the fourth season a distinct improvement over what came before.

In March and April 2006, Blalock filmed I Dream of Murder, a made-for-cable film, in the vicinity of Calgary.

She appears in the film Slow Burn with LL Cool J and Ray Liotta which was filmed in 2003 between seasons of Enterprise, unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2005 and finally saw limited theatrical release in 2007. Blalock made her first and only on-screen nude appearance in that film. She appeared in a guest starring role in two episodes of Stargate SG-1 as Ishta, leader of a group of female Jaffa. She was scheduled to appear on an episode of Lost during the 2005-2006 season as a former love interest of Sawyer, but the episode was (reportedly) scrapped in favor of a Michael centered episode. She co-starred in a horror film entitled Shadow Puppets.. As of the spring of 2007, Blalock was filming Starship Troopers: Marauder, a made-for-DVD sequel to the film Starship Troopers.

Blalock dated Edward Furlong for several months in 2001. She is a passionate dog lover and appeared on the cover of popular British dog publication K9 Magazine.

On April 22, 2003, Blalock, whose hobbies include surfing and art, married Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation. Veering from convention, she proposed to him.


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