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Joey McIntyre

Real name: Joseph Mulrey McIntyre
Birthdate: December 31, 1972
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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The album Stay the Same was re-released on the Sony Works label and sold more than a million copies around the world. The single 'Stay The Same', rose the Billboard Hot 100, eventually peaking at number 10. The second track of the album I Love You Came Too Late became his second solo hit.

In 2001, he returned with his second solo album Meet Joe Mac. The album however, wasn't well received and didn't reigster on the charts. Instead of sticking to bumble gum pop, which was the rave back in 2001, Mcintyre did the mistake which bestows most teen acts who try to get too serious album. This album's only release was the flop single 'Rain'.

He appeared as Fonzie in Happy Days, a musical based on the hit TV show at the Falcon Theater in Los Angeles from February 15 to March 12, 2006 and a second run from June 23 to August 13, 2006.

Beginnning December 2006, he is scheduled to take part in Dancing with the Stars - The Tour with actor Joey Lawrence, pop star Drew Lachey & TV stars Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin.().

He is also a Co-Owner of Semi-Private NY Nightclub The Plumm, along with Chris Noth, David Wells, Noel Ashman, among others.


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