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Jim Rome

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James "Jim" Rome (born October 14, 1964) is an American sports radio talk show host syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications.

Broadcasting from a studio near Los Angeles, California, he hosts The Jim Rome Show and hosts the TV show Jim Rome Is Burning (formerly Rome Is Burning) which airs on ESPN. His past hosting jobs included sports discussion shows Talk2 (ESPN2), The FX Sports Show (FX), and The Last Word (Fox Sports Net). The Jim Rome show is #10 most listened to talk radio show in the United States and #19 most influential talk radio personality according to Talkers Magazine.

Rome graduated from Calabasas (Calif.) High School in 1982 and the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Communications in 1987. He has been married to his wife Janet since July 19, 1997. The couple live in Newport Beach with their two sons, Jake and Logan.

In early 2003, Rome was interviewing friend Mark Shapiro, executive producer of programming and production at ESPN, on his radio program. Unexpectedly, the two began to discuss a possible return for Jim to ESPN, and within a few months, Jim was officially rehired to host Rome Is Burning. Jim openly attributes that interview as the impetus to his return to television.

In July of 2006, Rome announced that his nationally syndicated radio show would remain on terrestrial radio instead of going to satellite radio. The radio show is heard on more than 200 stations across the country and has an audience of 2.5 million.

Rome's radio show takes calls and emails (formerly faxes) from listeners, and features interviews of notable people from the sports world. It is broadcast live from 9 a.m. to noon Pacific time (noon to 3 p.m. Eastern). This time slot is often dark for Sports Radio stations, and Rome, like the rival ESPN program The Fabulous Sports Babe, allows local stations to give listeners a 'national perspective.' Rome's television program primarily features interviews with athletes and other people associated with sports, but his main influence both started and remains with sports talk radio.

Rome refers to his loyal fan base as "the Clones." The nickname stems from the idea that their devotion to Rome, tendency to support Rome's "takes," and their imitative use of "smack" and jargon from Rome's shows makes them different from regular sports-radio listeners but all the same as each other. The uniqueness of this fan base can be heard most distinctly when a "Clone" calls another sports-talk show and gives a "take."

Rome made cameo appearances in the movies Space Jam, Two for the Money, and the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard. He appeared in blink-182's music video What's My Age Again? and appeared on the HBO sitcom Arliss.

On May 3, 2004, Rome hosted the memorial service for Pat Tillman. On January 28, 2006, Rome was elected to the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.


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