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Jessica Andrews

Real name: Jessica Danielle Andrews
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Jessica Danielle Andrews (born December 29, 1983) is an Academy of Country Music Award winning American country music singer. While still in her teens, she became a successful singer with her #1 hit, "Who I Am".

At the age of 16, Andrews released her debut album, Heart Shaped World, which included her singles "I Will Be There For You" (also featured on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack), "You Go First", "Unbreakable Heart", and "I Do Now". "Unbreakable heart" became the biggest hit from her first album as it reached #24 on US Country. Dreamworks was pleased with the results of her first album and in 2001 she released a second album Who I Am.

Andrews' new album, Who I Am, peaked at #22 on The Billboard 200 and had Andrews biggest hit single on it called "Who I Am". The single reached #1 on US Country and #28 on The Billboard Hot 100. This got Jessica the award of Top New Female Vocalist at the Academy of Country Music in 2001. From "Who I Am" she also released "Helplessly, Hopelessly" and "Karma". Unfortunately, these singles didn't fare quite as well as "Who I Am". After that climax of her career she came out with one more album Now which was successful, but didn't match the level of success as Who I Am. Andrews was working on her fourth album, Ain't That Life, when Dreamworks Records dissolved and she was left without a record label. Andrews is currently engaged to fellow country music star Marcel Chagnon.


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