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Jeanette MacDonald

Real name: Jeanette Anna MacDonald
Birthdate: June 18, 1903
Status: Married
Partner: Gene Raymond

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Critic J. Peter Bergman writes of her work: “Whether singing the sophisticated, brittle, and edgy songs from her Paramount films with Chevalier or the romantic exercises from her MGM operettas, Jeanette could always be relied upon to provide a mini-masterpiece. There was no need to see her to be aware of her facial expressions. They were present in her voice. You can still see them now, listening to her recordings. Even if you’ve never seen a filmed moment, her smile can be heard. Likewise her frown. When she rolls her eyes, it is there in her voice. Her expressive vocal gestures are far more French and much more seductive than her Philadelphia upbringing would lead us to expect.”


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