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Jaclyn Smith

Real name: Ellen Jaclyn Smith
Birthdate: October 26, 1947
Status: Married
Partner: Dr. Brad Allen

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Jaclyn Smith (born October 26, 1947) is a Golden Globe-nominated American actress. She is best known for the role of Kelly Garrett in the television series Charlie's Angels (1976–1981). Smith was the only original female lead to remain with the series for its complete run. For two decades, Smith has held the unofficial title of "Queen of TV Movies and Mini-series." She has appeared in over two dozen television movies and miniseries.

She was born Jaclyn Ellen Smith in Houston, Texas to Jack Smith and Margaret Ellen Hartsfield. Her father was a Roman Catholic Irish dentist and her maternal grandfather was a Methodist minister.

Her first acting venture outside the Angels mold was the CBS TV movie of the week Escape from Bogen County (1977). Then came the lead role in the highly anticipated version of Joyce Haber's The Users with Tony Curtis and John Forsythe in 1978.

In 1980, she starred with Robert Mitchum in the suspense thriller Nightkill while divorcing husband actor Dennis Cole. The movie was touted as her first big screen role, but turned out to be a huge disappointment for Smith, as the film was largely unreleased in the cinema and was released on TV soon afterwards. But Smith's performance in the movie was lauded by critics. She then starred in the blockbuster TV movie Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and received a Best Actress nomination from the Golden Globe awards, but lost to Jane Seymour for the TV remake of East of Eden. In 1983, Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels arrived on her doorstep. Smith was so popular that fans all over the world begged Sheldon to re-write the storyline that required Smith's character's son to die; there was a sequel in 1986.

In 1988, Smith appeared again in another miniseries based from Sheldon's novel, Windmills of the Gods, this time with veteran superstar Robert Wagner as her love interest. It was another blockbuster in the Nielsen ratings chart during its showing.

In 1989, Smith had the title role in Christine Cromwell, a mystery television series based in San Francisco which only lasted one season, but whose cast included such esteemed actors as Celeste Holm, as Christine Cromwell's oft-married mother, as well as Theodore Bikel. Christine Cromwell is part of ABC's Mystery Wheel series which rotates with other detective shows like Columbo, Kojak and B.L. Stryker. Smith's show has the distinction of being the only female character. Although consider as a series, the show is more of a monthly two-hour show.

Smith reprised her Kelly Garrett role in a short cameo in the 2003 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle feature film. In 2007, she hosted Shear Genius, an American reality series on the Bravo network.

Since 1985, Smith has designed and promoted a clothing line for Kmart. Her fashion collection alone sold more than 300 million units since its debut. Smith now sells shoes, watches, and accessories. A few years ago, Smith started another business venture – her up-scale home furnishing business and it's now being sold all around America.

Smith has been married four times; to actors Roger Davis (1968–1975) and Dennis Cole (1978–1981), to filmmaker Tony Richmond (1981–1989), and to surgeon Brad Allen (since 1997). Smith has two children, Spencer Margaret and Gaston, from her marriage to Richmond. She battled breast cancer successfully.

In 1991, her stepson Joe Cole, the then-roommate to Henry Rollins, was shot to death in his home during a robbery attempt.


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