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Heather Mills

Real name:
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Mills's early life was turbulent. A few months after she was born, she moved to Washington, then in County Durham. Her mother left home when she was nine, leaving Mills and her siblings in the care of an abusive father. When her father went to prison, she moved to London to live with her mother. As a teenager she ran away from home and found herself homeless.

In early 1989, after becoming more established as a model, she and her mother reconciled. Her mother had minor surgery and subsequently died; a blood clot moved into her lungs and heart resulting in death.

In 1990, she moved to what was then Slovenia, then still part of Yugoslavia, to recover from an ectopic pregnancy. She arrived to witness the unfolding civil war first-hand. Over the following two years, she modelled to raise funds for refugees of the war, commuting between Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and the UK and working with government agencies to establish refugee crisis centers, hospitals and housing for the homeless.

Following the accident she arranged for prostheses to be sent from the United Kingdom to the war-torn former Yugoslavia.

The Sun, which regularly refers to her as "Mucca" (a play on Paul's nickname "Macca"), has responded Mills' threat to sue by asking her to "tick the boxes" on a series of allegations the paper has made about the former model stating "It is not clear what exactly she plans to sue us about." The paper then asks: "Come on Heather, what exactly did we get wrong? Is it that you're a ..." Underneath the open question, the Sun lists six allegations about the former model, with a blank box beside each one. The words beside the boxes read: "Hooker, Liar, Porn Star, Fantasist, Trouble Maker, Shoplifter".

Mills has told the BBC that she has received "death threats" since splitting with her husband. She also claimed her personal trainer, Ben Amigoni, was not her lover but was helping to protect her.

On 17th December 2006 the BBC's website reported that Police have warned Heather Mills over a "non-specific threat" made to her safety.

Mills is an activist for several causes, particularly against the use of landmines, vegetarianism, and animal rights.

In 2003 the Open University of the United Kingdom awarded her for this an honorary degree. Websites under control by Heather Mills describe this misleadingly as an "Open University Doctorate".

She posed with her dog, in an anti-fur advertisement for a PETA campaign, which had the catchline: "If you wouldn't wear your dog, please don't wear fur" campaign.

In 2006 she attended, along with Juliet Gellatley, a debate on fur at the Oxford Union. When Mills was speaking she gave a prearranged signal to her sister Fiona who stood up, faced the audience and turned on the body TV which had been hidden under her coat. It showed a dog being skinned alive and its piercing screams of agony shrieked out into the hall. Heather was flooding with tears.

Heather Mills join a team from Viva! to illegally raid a pig farm in Somerset in February 2007. The raid was said to have been carried out to publicize the use of so-called farrow crates, used for sows who are suckling piglets. A video of the raid has been circulating the internet.

Articles have also questioned the effectiveness of her charitable work in the Balkans, and she has also come under criticism from disabled people claiming she presumes to speak on their behalf.


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