Dunno if anyone mentioned it but I have one. This is a probably now A- list actor who was previously, and largely a result of two franchises (of different genres), A list. Women of a certain age might be disappointed, as he is or at least was very much heartthrob material. (And no this isn't the cult member, but someone from the same generation.) He had a breakout role in a movie where in he played opposite another young man (who was recently in the news after coming out as a #Metooer). Final clue: it's ironic that he should turn out to prefer women at the end of this other early movie he co-starred in.

How do I know this? If you're a regular CDAN reader, you might be aware of a recent series of threads about, and at least in part written by me. One of them was sent in by an ex. In it he mentions an older brother who was tour manager for certain bands back then. One of these bands was the actor's side gig. He would meet up with his then current boyfriend backstage, and sometimes they'd have trysts with fans of legal age.