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Thread: Gospel Singer Responds To Gay Rumors

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    Default Gospel Singer Responds To Gay Rumors

    source: and aol black voices

    Here's an attempt to put an end to another bogus Internet hoax. The heavily-circulated Internet report claiming that Grammy-winning gospel artist and New York-based pastor, Hezekiah Walker had "come out" and disclosed that he was a "homosexual" is a complete fabrication. Among the disparaging remarks in the two variations of the false news item-one by and the other courtesy of that Walker "forced his wife and children from their home so that he could live in peace with his transvestite lover;" "infected [his soon-to-be ex-wife Monique] with a sexually transmitted disease;" and that "many churchgoers left the church because of all the rumors." It was also implied Walker would step down as pastor of his Love Fellowship Crusade Tabernacle Church.

    Walker sent a letter to his parishioners assuring them that the reports were all fictitious. "I'm very proud to be called your Pastor. Please be assured that I would never do anything to bring shame to you or the body of Christ. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Character assassination is one of the oldest weapons. People weak in mind believe the worst about everyone," he wrote. "The Satanic email and rumor is a sure sign that this is our Year of Increase. If the enemy is going to get me, he must come better than a transvestite and a blonde wig. As for all of the haters, I'm not taking a step down, but a step up. We will continue to preach against sin and promote deliverance! I refuse to let this distract me, so don't you become distracted. Always remember never chase a lie, because the truth will prevail."

    Walker's ex father-in-law, Bishop Carl E. Williams Jr., followed with a statement of his own: "This writing comes on behalf of one of our Brothers in Christ who has come under a vicious and brutal attack via of the Internet. If their marriage failed, it is nobody's business other than Hezekiah and Monique. All or most of what was reported to have gone on during the divorce hearing is a lie. I know because I was there in support of my daughter." has since offered a retraction of the story with an acknowledgement of irresponsible reporting.
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    Default Re: Gospel Singer Responds To Gay Rumors

    "Always remember never chase a lie, because the truth will prevail....
    ...and when it does, you better thank that lawyer with a nice
    bottle of Jack Daniels Blue Label, know what I'm sayin'?"

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