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Thread: Would you be a size zero?

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    till this year, i was a size 0. i would eat anything and everything but i was not a one who could eat so much anyway. (and i still am not) it was like i would eat a chocolate bar bf the dinner and i would never be able to eat dinner... i was thin and tiny. i was 17 years old.. (talkin about last year). but i had a big belly.
    anyway since the day i hit 18, i slowly gained weight and in a year, i gained 10 pounds- which went directly to me butt and my boobs. im now 110 pounda and 5' a size 2 and i do not look skinny or sick. my face is full and it glows (according to a lot of ppl around me). and i have never looked skinny or sick. bc this is the way my body is. i do not deny my body and its needs.
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    My BMI is within the recommended range, towards the low end of normal but not in the "too thin" category. I have a very small frame too. I know when i first moved away from home i lost a lot of weight and when i went home for a visit 3 months later my family was very worried about me. I literally hadn't noticed. I have gained about 15 pounds since then. I am certainly not one of those people who doth protest too much, i am more finding it quizzical that people see me as being too thin, when according to all the standards, i'm not. I find it very interesting.

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    I am not trying to call anyone out, but the really young posters...around the 18 year mark...probably do look okay as size zeroes. The body still has a lot of changing to do when you are only 18. I was my thinnest at that point without trying at all, as many of the younger ones are saying. So that's not where the problem lies.

    The problem lies with women who are not naturally a size zero, and are grown women, long past the late-teen stage. Who will not accept that once you near 30 or 40, you will probably not have the same body type or metabolism you once did. Women who do not look healthy losing that much weight. No one is knocking any woman of any age who is a size zero healthily (is that a word?). It's only the ones who look like skeletons and deny their bodies what they need in order to be as tiny as possible that are the focus of these negative articles about being a size zero.
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    I found the original article/"thinner" pics quite ridiculous, since none of the girls there have petite frames. It's pretty obvious that, even at their healthy thinnest, they'd never be size 0s. It was probably written to discourage airheads who believe that anyone can be a size 0, independing of their frames, and that they all look awful as such. Like 0 is a big bad wolf, and that anyone who wears the number is a poster child for starvation, just to make people feel better about their various >0 sizes.

    I'm a 32-23-34, but I'm 5'4", petite and only 24. I am not and don't look unhealthy by any means. Anyway, numbers don't change the way you look, as saying you're a size whatever won't have any influence on how good you look by being yourself.

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