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Thread: Victoria Beckham is on the 'five hands' diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef View Post
    yeah but look, you'd hand the kid off to his dad and not your nanny. i just think it's weird when celebs walk around and their nannies are carrying the kids or push the stroller when the parents could do it themselves.
    I think it's weird and unnecessary too..

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    I think it the nanny's job so why not let them do the job for which you are paying them? In this case, she was probably told not to carry the baby yet due to her surgery and back issues.
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    Either she was lying about the slipped disc, or she doesn't care if she drops her newborn because she wants to walk around in these heels despite a recent back injury:

    There are a bunch more photos of her at her fashion show, walking the streets of NYC and going shopping all in those heels and holding the baby that same way (without a stroller or sling in sight). Call me cynical, but I find it hard to believe she had such a sudden recovery from a "slipped disc." Last week she was wearing ballet flats and had the baby in a stroller because she "could barely pick her up" due to a back injury, and now she's carrying the baby on the streets of NYC in 9 inch heels without a stroller or anyone there to help carry the kid, just coincidentally in time for Fashion Week?
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    Stupid useless bitch.
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    She needs an ass stat? I always wonder that she spends som uch money on the front but nothing on the back.

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